Corkers Crisps Review


The other month I was kindly sent an exciting and very crunchy box of Corkers Crisps. Have you heard of them? The company was founded back in 2009 by friends, Rod and Ross. Ross’s family farm has been growing Naturalo potatoes since the 1800’s but Rod and Ross thought it was time to shake things up. The Naturalo potatoes are now being turned into deliciously fancy crisps.


The company is based in Ely, Cambridgeshire and the full process happens on the farm. I was pleased to read that Corkers Crisps only use natural ingredients. I love to support UK based businesses and I would love to visit the farm one day and see the process taking place. I once went to the Mast Brothers chocolate factory in Brooklyn and had a spur of the moment tour – it was fascinating to see how everything worked.

Corkers crisps have a fantastic selection of flavours including; Sea Salt, Mixed Vegetable, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Sweet Thai Chilli, Pork Sausage & English Mustard, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Red Leicester & Caramelised Onion and the most recent addition, Duck & Hoisin. All of the flavours have a very good crunch to them and there wasn’t one I disliked.


The Sea Salt crisps went down a treat. Although they’re one of the most simple flavours from the collection they’re just so good – not too salty, just right. You really can’t go wrong with sea salt crisps. They work dangerously well with a glass of white wine, as do the The Sea Salt & Black Pepper crisps (Phil’s favourite).

The Mixed Vegetable crisps were probably my favourite, although I don’t usually like to pick favourites. I’m a huge fan of vegetable crisps but these are very much my new favourite brand. Carrot, parsnip and beetroot, yummy.

The Red Leicester & Caramelised Onion disappeared as soon as my mum arrived. She’s a huge fan of crisps and gave them a big thumbs up. This flavour is strong but not too overpowering because of the caramelised onion. She was also keen to try the Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar crisps. They disappeared very very quickly between the two of us.

The Sweet Thai Chilli, Pork Sausage & English Mustard and Duck & Hoisin are the fancy flavours of the collection. All 3 are very tasty and although they sound like strong flavours they’re really not too overpowering.

I enjoyed the full selection of crisps with family and friends and I’ll  be stocking up on the Sea Salt and Mixed Vegetable flavours in the new year.

Keep it local and give Corkers Crisps a try next time you’re looking for a crunchy snack. Oh, and be sure to check out their fun and interactive website