One photo from each month in 2015

I love looking back through my Flick archives from the last 8 years. It’s interesting to see how my photography style has changed, remind myself of happy memories and make promises to get the photos printed (top of my goals for 2016). This year I’ve picked out one photo from each month throughout 2015 and shared them alongside a few blog posts.

I didn’t upload all my photos to Flickr this year and I noticed that I didn’t take as many photos as I normally do. So, I hope that will change in 2016 and I’d really like to get into photography and continue improving upon my skills.


January: this was a very positive and proactive month for me. 

– I started January off with some sold goals.
– I launched Uni Life and interviewed Joelle, Laura, Karishma, Jenny and Emma.
– Career Inspiration continued to grow including interviews with Monica and Jonathan.
– My mum and I attended Top Drawer in London to see the latest launches for Indiecana.
– I had the chance to create a cake with Patisserie Valerie.


February: this was a month of exploring, blogging events and hard work.

– I attended a very fun juicing event in Leeds.
– I shared my Photo A Day challenge from January.
– I shared my meal planning tips which has become a very popular post.
– Phil and I went walking at Ladybower Reservoir on a misty day.
– I discovered my all-time favourite shampoo and conditioner.
– I interviewed Laila, a freelance musician in London.


March:  This month was filled with lots of train travel to London and Cambridge for fun days out. 

– I interviewed a Tea WriterJunior Account Executive and Digital Promotions Analyst.
– Phil and I had a fab trip to London and visited The Good Life Eatery and Nordic Bakery.
– My Photo A Day challenge continued but I wasn’t happy with my Instagram feed.
– I shared one of my favourite posts from the year about Persian Pomegranates.
– I wore and shared photos of a beautiful 50s style dress from Joules.

York train station

April: My birthday month was filled with highs and lows. 

I made bath-bombs with Sophie at Our Handmade Collective.
– I had a fun visit to York on my birthday with Phil and D.
– Easter fell on the same day as my birthday and tax day.

MediSpa S10

May: This month I got out of my comfort zone and tried lots of new things.

I discovered MicroBarBox and was lucky to review the subscription service.
– I spent a lot of time eating at Kosta’s Greek Deli in Sheffield.
– I joined Sophie, Kel and a few others for a beautiful walk in Bingley.
– I interviewed Cat about studying Fashion Communication.
– I went for my first facial at Medispa S10 in Sheffield and it was a real treat.


June: I focused on improving my baking skills this month and also set myself some big challenges.

– I shared a Uni Life interview with Erika, an Electronics Engineering student.
– I made a colourful funfetti cake in a jar.
– I interviewed Poppy about life as a Fashion Promotion and Imaging student.
– I put together a 30 Before 30 list of goals.
– I reviewed the B&W photography course I took part in.

Pink flower

July: My blog and freelance work went well this month. I also started to tick off my 30 before 30 goals.

– Phil and I spent a day in Bakewell.
– I shared my story about turning down a job in NYC.
– I shared my life tips on moving out for the first time to help others.


August: This month I learned the importance of having a niche in whatever you do.

– My 10 simple tips to decorate your rented home.
– I went walking in Cambridge with my family.
– I interviewed Kat about life as a Linguistics and Languages student.
– I attended a very fun event in Leeds about blogging and travel with Icelolly.
– Phil and I reviewed afternoon tea at Marco’s New York Italian in Sheffield.


September: This was a work heavy month with a well deserved weekend away. 

– I shared 5 positive tips to turn a slow day around.
– Phil and I had a weekend in Liverpool and found our favourite bar of the year.
– I made a video about Berry & Rye.

brandenburg gate

October: I visited Berlin for the first time and learned the importance of taking a little time off.

– I interviewed Natasha about her life as a Graphic Designer.
– Phil and I had a fab week in Berlin and met the founder of bJuice.
– I shared my tips on staying calm when flying.
– I shared my love for rice flake porridge.


November: I helped to raise awareness for an important charity and discovered my love of making bread.

– I hosted a dinner party for Pancreatic Cancer.
– I was introduced to Rock Rose, a small business selling small batch gin.
– I visited my favourite seaside town, Southwold with my mum, dad and grandma.
– I interviewed Saskia, a Paediatrician in London.


December: I finally started to vlog and learn the basics of video editing. I had another reminder of the importance of a well deserved break and spent lots of wonderful time at home.

– Phil and I had the pleasure of staying at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel.
– I discovered another small business, The Beautiful Book Company.
– I spent a lot of time visiting new places in Cambridge.
– I started daily vlogging for Vlogmas 2015 and I’m continuing to make daily videos.

I feel very lucky to have had a happy and healthy year in 2015. I’m looking forward to taking my business in a new direction in 2015 and spending more time sharing photos and videos from daily life here in the blog.

I hope you’ve all had a good year and I look forward to spending the evening catching up on your blogs.