4 ways to relax tonight


Since the start of 2016 I’ve been incorporating more relaxation time into my week. I don’t find it easy to take time away from my laptop and cut off but I am fully aware of the importance of it. Actually, the more time I take away from my laptop the more I return filled with inspiration and motivation to get back into my work.

Sunday evenings are set aside for time away from the laptop in my house. As soon as 4pm rolls ’round I shut my laptop down and leave it in my office. I still plan out my to do list for the week ahead, ensure my meal plan is ready and check that my diary is up to date. Luckily, I find these 3 tasks very enjoyable and they don’t involve my laptop.

Here are 4 ways to relax tonight: 

Baking: I love baking and since I received my Bake Box Subscription at Christmas I’ve been hooked on trying new things. This week I’m away visiting my parents which means I have the perfect excuse to try out new recipes. I personally find baking very relaxing. It’s one of the few things I do which takes my mind off work. I get lost in the recipe and take my time to create some delicious treats for the family.

Podcasts: I really enjoy podcasts and actually listen to them each evening. I particularly enjoy business based podcasts (check out some of my favourites) and enjoy listening to them while I make my way through my colouring book or make a few necklaces. I like that I can still learn something while taking time to rest.

Yoga: I’ve really got into yoga over the last few months. I usually attend a weekly class but because I want to improve I’ve been incorporating a 10 minute routine into my evenings when possible. Tonight I’ll be starting 30 days of yoga with Adriene which I’ve heard very good things about. I’m determined to improve upon my technique and learn as much as I can about yoga.

Magazines: I’ve been treated to a subscription to Living Etc by the kind folk over at Magazine.co.uk. This magazine has been a favourite of mine for many years, I just love home decor. So, tonight I plan on getting into bed a little earlier with a mug of rooibos tea and flicking through the pages of the latest issue. Do you subscribe to a magazine? I think a magazine subscription makes a lovely gift and of course, you’re sure to make a good saving. Actually, my first blog post over on The Hub has gone live. I talk about about everything you need for a cosy night in with Living Etc, I do hope you enjoy it.

What magazine will you be relaxing with tonight?