Bright pink ASICS Trainers



A few weeks ago I was trying to decide on a new pair of trainers. After chatting with a few people on Twitter I decided to go for these bright and colourful ASICS Gel CumulusThey arrived a week later and I’ve really been enjoying using them in the gym.

These are my fist pair of ASICS trainers and I hear they’re very good for running. I was away in Budapest for a week so I’m only just getting back into my gym routine. By next week I hope to be back into the swing of things and I can then focus on improving my running.


So far the trainers have been very comfortable. I’ve noticed a big difference from my other pair which are more focused towards class workouts. So far these seem to work well for running, classes and cycling. I’m particularly pleased that my ankles feel well supported in the trainers. I have a tendency to twist my ankle but because these trainers are sturdy and supportive that hasn’t happened.

The trainers come in 5 different colours. The ones I have are bright pink and pistachio. I’ve been wanting to wear bright colours recently and what better way than at the gym. I’ll report back on the trainers when I’ve been wearing them for a few more months.

Do any of you have tips on running?