At the start of each new season I like to give my bedroom a refresh. I go for warm tones in the winter, soft pastels in the spring and bright yellow and orange in the summer. I like my bedroom to match the flowers I see when I’m out on my walk. I take a lot of inspiration from the world around me so it’s nice to be able to incorporate that into my home.

With the simple addition of bedding or fairy lights it can be very affordable to give your bedroom a new look each season. It’s important to keep your bedroom clean, tidy and comfortable. It’s the place you fall asleep and wake up, it needs have a positive and relaxing atmosphere.



Here are 10 very simple ways to change up your bedroom for spring:

– Bedding – This is a very affordable and fun way to give your bedroom a new look. I prefer to spend more on high quality, plain white bedding and then pick up one cheap and cheerful bedding set for each season. I think it’s important to alternate between bedding sets so they don’t wear out easily. My colour preferences this spring are pastel pink, green and blue. I recently picked up this delicate floral and bird bedding from ASDA.

– Candles – The small addition of a beautifully scented candle will help to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. It’s also important to think about the colour of the jar, wax or container of the candle. Ensure it fits with your bedroom and that it’s a jar you can repurpose. I’m currently burning my Orla Kiely Fig Tree candle by my bed.

– Lighting – You can change the mood of your bedroom with lighting. A new bedside lamp, night light or even just a set of fairy lights will do the trick. I always like to drape fairy lights across the top of my bed. I change these depending on the time of year and the tone of lighting I want. You could also try using a colour changing light bulb, these are a lot of fun.

– Headboard – A headboard will make reading or watching Netflix in bed much more comfortable. They also add a cosy feel to your bedroom which is important throughout the year. Check out the latest headboards from Bed Guru.

– Rearrange furniture – Save money and simply move the furniture around in your bedroom. I do this regularly in most rooms of my flat. I think it gives each space a new feel and stops me from getting bored. I recently set up a desk in my bedroom to use as a vanity.

– Flowers – Bring the outdoors in with flowers and plants. Keeping a bunch of flowers in your bedroom will bring a fresh and bright feeling into the room. You don’t have to go for fresh flowers and plants, there are a lot of good quality fake ones available these days.

– Rug – The addition of a rug to the bedroom will bring in colour and texture. If you have hard wood flooring it will give the room a much cosier feel. Think carefully about the colour, size and material when you’re buying a rug. I think it’s much safer to see it in person first before buying one online.

– Cushions and throws – Pop a few scatter cushions on your bed and a new throw to give your old bedding a fresh feel. I really like using throws to change up my bedding throughout the month. The cushions and throw will also come in handy for afternoon naps.

– Accessories – Add personality to your room with bedside books, crystals, magazines, skincare or your Nintendo 3DS. I like to keep one cookbook by my bed along with my most recent magazine or book. Just make sure you don’t fill up the surfaces with too much clutter.

– Mirror – I’m sure you all know that a mirror will bring more light into your bedroom. Get creative and look in charity shops or car boot sales to find something unique.

You don’t have to spend a lot to give your bedroom a new look.

How will you be changing up your bedroom this season?