A Misty Morning

curly hair horse

Remember the other week I spoke about doing something creative each day? Well, here are the results from another one of those days. At the bottom of the garden there are a few horses. Every morning they walk up to our fence and wait to be fed apples from the trees. On this particular morning it was very misty and cold but the horses were there, waiting patiently.


I decided to use this as my chance to do something creative. I grabbed my camera and went out to see them. I noticed that the little ones hair was all curly and wild from the morning mist and I immediately knew what the theme for these photos would be.

Darling little horse

I focused on the ears and forelock of each of the horses.

Cute Horse Cambridge

Normally I’d want to focus on getting the full face of the horse in the frame but as part of my creative challenge I try to look at things in a new way. In this case it was to take in something new about the horses that I see every morning and study that one detail. I think it’s so important to push yourself out of your comfort zone, try new things and learn new skills. It’s way too easy to get stuck doing the same work, hobbies and exercise each and every day. The aim is simply to do something creative each day that you wouldn’t normally be doing.

Horse eating

Leave a comment below and let me know what creative challenge you’ll be setting yourself over the weekend.