The Importance of Self-Care And Relaxation For The Self Employed

I’ve never found it easy to relax, not ’til the last year or so anyway. I love being on the go and often find myself feeling restless and keen to move onto the next activity.

That’s just me.

It’s the way I’m wired and that’s fine.

If like me you’re self-employed it’s likely you’re also wired the same way. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. It simply means that we have to find out the ways in which we can relax and cut off from everything. It may not be the same way that others do it but it’s totally possible. For example, I personally can’t sleep on the beach for hours at a time. Instead I find it much more relaxing to go for a walk down the beach with my camera. Having my camera in my hand helps me to take notice of the small things, focus my mind on taking beautiful photos and cut off from work.

Today I’m sharing some of my favourite ways to relax and implement self-care into my self-employed lifestyle. These ideas might not work for you but hopefully, you can take some inspiration as well as realising that relaxation is subjective and will work in different ways for each person.

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Get outside 

Something I like to do each day is to get outside into the fresh air. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold and raining, I just have to get outside. I’ll either put my headphones on and listen to an audiobook or take a camera with me.

As I mentioned above, I particularly enjoy doing this when I’m by the coast. I love the seaside and long walks with my camera are so relaxing. Southwold in Suffolk is one of those places where I can truly cut off.

Book an overnight stay 

A couple of times a year I like to get away for a night to somewhere special. Something like a dreamy spa break is perfect or even just for a day. Champneys is a personal favourite spot of mine, the one in Tring has the most beautiful grounds. Everything about it is just so calming and the beds are so comfortable.

I like this type of trip because more often than not you can’t take your phone into these places. Why would you want to? It’s such a lovely treat to do with a friend. You can spend the day swimming, having a treatment and chatting into the evening. I wish I had one booked for this final stretch of the year, I could do with some time to cut off from work.

Keep a notebook to hand

I always like to have a notebook with me or at least access to the notepad on my phone. When I’m away on holiday or on a train journey I can note down any ideas and thoughts I have. I have no interest in ever stopping myself from thinking about my work and my future. So, if something comes into my head I’ll make a note of it and then go back to it when I have some extra time to give it some thought.

Get your hair done

I rarely book my hair appointments in advance. I simply wait ’til I’m feeling a little low or particularly overwhelmed with work and then I’ll call up on the day. If I’m going for a fresh cut or blow dry it means I have a full hour to myself. I won’t use my phone during this time. Instead I’ll enjoy an almond milk flat white and flick through a magazine.

Sometimes one hour is all you need.

Have an evening routine

These days I aim to have my laptop closed by 8. I’ll then do a few jobs around the house before taking a shower and starting my skincare routine. While I’m applying my face creams I’ll listen to an audiobook or YouTube video. I find it so relaxing and enjoy being able to watch something without feeling like I should be doing work. Finally, I’ll make a cup of tea and get into bed with a book, spend 10 minutes on my Pranamat or continue to watch something on YT.

To be able to put 100% into your work life you need to be eating well, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and cutting off from the day to day noise. 

Thank you to Champneys Spa for collaborating on this post. It’s one of my favourite places to go for a spa break so having the chance to work with them on this post was fab.