8 things I do for a relaxing Sunday evening

Today I want to share my Sunday evening routine with you. Well, it’s 8 things that I do every Sunday evening to ensure I’m going to bed with a clear and relaxed mind.

I’ve been working hard at getting back into a positive routine Sunday routine for about a month now. It’s nice to feel organised, calm and ready for the week ahead by the time I fall asleep.

By caprice | Poppy Bedding

I also want to show you the beautiful bedding I’ve been trying out from the By Caprice Home range. It was sent to me a couple of months back to celebrate my new home and the arrival of my shiny new bed and mattress.

By caprice | Bedding - PoppyPoppy - By Caprice

I’m sure most of you’re familiar with Caprice Bourttet; model, actress and business-woman. She launched and self-funded By Caprice back in 2006. Her aim was to create a brand and company that she could pass down to her family. She wanted her business to make women feel empowered, sexy and feminine. She’s also just launched a baby line of blankets, bibs, accessories and skincare.

My new stylish By Caprice bedding is beautiful, luxurious and perfect for a cosy evening. It’s played a big part in helping me to get back into a consistent Sunday evening routine.

By caprice bedding pgt

The detailing around the pillowcases is a soft silver which works well with the delicate shades of lilac, pink and peach. I particularly like the colours within the bedding. I’ve found them to add a lovely calming feeling to my bedroom while still adding a bit of glamour.

By caprice bedding 2018

8 things I do for a relaxing Sunday evening

I make sure all my important work is completed for the week. Ideally, I aim to do this by Saturday evening but use Sunday morning to finish off anything extra.

I spend an hour planning out the week ahead for work and life. This includes meal planning – something which I’m pleased to be back in the swing of because it saves so much time throughout the week.

I spend 20 minutes tidying my bedroom, whizzing around with the Dyson and wiping over the bathroom. It’s nice to go to sleep knowing that the boring jobs are completed for the week.

Just before bed, I’ll wash my hair, this often includes a hair mask and any other relaxing treatments like facemasks and exfoliating.

I’ll then pop an audiobook on or listen to the latest Garyvee video while I do my usual evening skincare routine. I’d normally then lay on my Pranamat Eco for a while but it’s not recommended during pregnancy.

I always like to have fresh bedding on a Sunday. I usually change the bedding right at the start of the day so I know it’s ready and cosy for me to get into in the evening.

I love having a cup of tea in bed and looking through a book or magazine. This is the moment I know I won’t be doing any more work or jobs around the house. It’s also my cut-off point from my laptop and day-to-day life.

Every now and then Phil and I will watch something on YouTube before going to sleep. More often than not we opt for an audiobook though, this changes depending on our mood.
Do you take a little extra time for self-care and relaxation on a Sunday?