A Year Of Monthly Challenges for 2019

The other week I read a post from the ever-inspiring Monica aka The Travel Hack – 12 months of challenges for a better 2019. I love these types of posts so I clicked on it straight away and ten minutes later I was writing my very own list of monthly challenges.

Popping back in to let you know that my 2020 monthly challenges can be found in a fresh new post.

In short, Monica has decided to pick out 12 challenges for the year ahead and will be focusing on each one for a month. Like me, she wants to do everything, all the time – just my kind of person. However, I know as well as anyone that to be successful at something you really must FOCUS. So, this is why she’s set herself a year of 12 challenges.

I can’t say no to a challenge so I’m totally on-board with it.

I think Monica’s year of challenges is going to be an excellent way to push myself and grow throughout 2019.

I’m very much a new year, new me type of person. I see it as a chance to improve and develop upon the ‘me’ of the previous year. I’m lucky that I don’t compare myself and my stage of life to others. I just like to compete with myself.

It’s important to really think about what you want from the year ahead and work your way backwards from that. Select challenges for yourself that fit in with your end goal or your word for the year.

You don’t need to pick challenges that are the same as the ones you read online. We all have different wants and desires from the year. We’re all at different stages of life. So, take some inspiration from others and then set about making your own list of monthly goals/challenges.

Here are my 12 challenges for the year. I might change them up slightly when baby arrives but hopefully they’ll stay the same. I’ll be sure to report back and let you know.

1 – One hour of organisation each day
2 – Wake up at 6AM daily
3 – Go for a 20 minute walk each day
4 – Daily vlogging
5 – Spend a month learning to make candles
6 – Daily workout – pilates/gym/swim
7 – Eat a vegan diet for the month
8 – Make a daily video for Instagram
9 – No chocolate or crisps for a month
10 – Edit 1 photo each day in a new and interesting way
11 – No takeaways or restaurants for a month
12 – Spend 10 minutes on my graphics tablet each day

Don’t forget to read more about Monica’s year of challenges and find out what’s on her list.