9 Thoughts From The Last Few Weeks Of Pregnancy

If you’ve been following my pregnancy series then you may be interested to know that I’ve now had my beautiful baby boy. I can’t wait to share more with you, but for now, you can see a snap of him over on IG. I have a bunch of posts from the last few weeks of pregnancy to share with you and then we’ll be diving into my life as a mum.

Today’s post is all about my thoughts from the last few weeks of pregnancy. These are the many thoughts that were racing through my mind on a near-daily basis.

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9 Thoughts From The Last Few Weeks Of Pregnancy

Was that a contraction?

When it’s your first pregnancy you really have no idea what to expect. Every little ache or twinge had me wondering if I was feeling a contraction. It’s safe to say that when the time comes you’ll know.

Let’s try out that coffee shop

Some independent coffee shops just don’t have room for prams and that’s fine. Many prams are more like tanks! So, Phil and I made sure we took the time to go and visit some of our favourites. It was good to finally try out Cawa Coffee – their cinnamon buns are delicious.

Will my baby like me?

That irrational mum guilt set in early. As you can probably imagine, there was no need to worry.

I’ll miss being pregnant

It’s true and I already do miss being pregnant but of course, I adore having X on the outside here in my arms much more.

What if I don’t notice my waters breaking?

Apparently it’s pretty rare that your waters will break at home. They’ll often break when you’re fully in the swing of labour (or like me, they’ll have to do it by hand….I know!). However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen and I was constantly questioning if it had happened in the shower or when I went to the loo.

Ahhh it’s good to sit down.

I was still managing to go out and about right up ’til the end of my pregnancy. However, each time I got home or stopped for lunch I was very happy to sit down. My legs were so achy and I had a lot of hip pain. So, in a non-ironic way it was really good to sit down.

I can’t wait for a G&T

Story of my life.

I wasn’t fussed about the lack of alcohol throughout pregnancy but by the time the last month rolled ’round I was ready for a good G&T. Phil treated me to a bottle of Seedlip and do you know what? It’s a pretty good alcohol-free substitute for gin. I’m still enjoying it now.

When should I book the Ocado delivery to come?

I know, first world problem. My baby was a week over due do I had to deal with this shocking conundrum twice.

I need cake….now

I’ve always liked cake but I’ve never been obsessed with it like I was in the last month of pregnancy. If I’m honest, this love for cake and all things sweet has continued for the following month after giving birth. I should probably nip it in the bud soon.

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