Looking back at January 2019

I have a bunch of diary-style posts sitting in my drafts. I worked on them during the last few days of pregnancy and throughout my stay in hospital. I’m going to share them throughout this week. Some are pregnancy related, some are food favourites and then there are my usual monthly round-ups.

Today is a quick look back at January 2019. I always share these types of posts, mostly because I love looking back on them each year. These posts normally come along at the end of each month (looking back at July 2018) but we have a little catch up to do.

So, January 2019. It came and went very quickly. One minute we were raising a glass to the new year and the next we were getting started with Phil’s birthday month.

Lille NYE

We spent NYE in Lille with Richard et al. It was fab, I missed out on some good champagne and cocktails but it was really good to see in the new year with some of my favourite people. I spoke about the trip a little more in my December Moments post.

Prettygreentea OOTD ASOS

It was then time to head back to Sheffield and enjoy the last few months of my pregnancy.


We ate good food at the Prince of Wales, somewhere we are both looking forward to returning too. I was invited to review the restaurant so if you fancy finding out a little more you can read about that.

I spent a lot of time working from Starbucks. I took on some more work and also finished with a couple of projects. I’ve made the decision to not take maternity leave due to the nature of my work and planned in advance for March and April. Hopefully everything will keep running smoothly and I can just dip in and out of the online world as I fancy.

I went for a lovely afternoon tea with Leanne towards the end of the month in Cambridge. We spent most of our time shopping for newborn baby clothes and catching up.

I made my way through a lot of hand-creams this month. I’m not sure if it was the cold weather or pregnancy but my skin was in extra need of hydration.

My nesting mode was in full swing. I wanted to make the kitchen feel more homely and cosy. It’s the place we spend the most time. So, we took our bookshelves from the lounge and put them in the kitchen. I now have a space to store my cookbooks, jars of dried food and kitchen equipment. A bit like an open pantry. It also makes a good backdrop for filming and photos.

Do you keep a diary, blog or scrapbook of the months? Even having a sections in your phone notes about fun and happy memories is a good way to keep track of the year.