December Moments 2018

December came and went quickly, really quickly.

Too quickly some may say.

We’re now 4 days into February and I’ve been looking back at my photos from Christmas. It was a fantastic month of fun and festivities with friends and family. I’m fully into the swing of the new year, embracing work and planning ahead for my March baby.

It’s going to be a life-changing year and I can’t wait. For now, I’m taking each month as it comes and I even have a new business idea brewing (story of my life).

Mum Prettygreentea London

The month started off with a trip down to Cambridge for my mum’s birthday. I treated her to lunch at Wahaca in London and we spent a day strolling around Westfield. It was lovely to finally have some quality time together.

It was really good to be able to chat with the staff in the Stokke store. We tried out the different prams, looked at the cots and high chairs and got all the information we needed. I finally ordered the Scoot which arrived last week and I’ve also got their car seat on the way.

Taiko Drumming London
Taiko Drumming in London

We had the pleasure of stumbling upon these Taiko Drummers in Westfield. They were there to celebrate the launch of Ichiba – Europe’s largest Japanese food hall.

Check out my little video over on YT.

Birthday flowers for mum

These are the beautiful flowers Pop and I picked out for mum’s birthday. We also made her a coffee and walnut cake.

Burgers at Wagon

When we were back in Cambridge Phil and I finally found some time to go to our all-time favourite lunch spot, Wagon. It’s just across the road from the station, the staff are so friendly and they do a fab chicken burger.

Morning Coffee Prettygreentea

It wasn’t long ’til I was back down in Cambridge for Christmas. YAY!

Prettygreentea Ely

Just before my fringe totally grew out over the festive season. I’m hoping to get to the hairdresser this week.

Christmas decoration

I arrived at my parents place a little earlier than normal. I wanted to take some time to relax, go shopping with my sister and see Pip and co. I always love going home home, especially over Christmas. I find that Christmas is the one time during the year where I really take time off.

I like to hibernate and only leave the house for long walks in the frost after lunch.

Once Boxing Day is over I’m ready to spring into action with prepping my strategy for the new year. I can’t sit still for long but those few days are so special to me and I can’t imagine spending them away from my family.

Zizzi at Christmas

Every year P, P and I head out for a festive lunch. This time ’round we met up on P lunch break and went for pizza at Zizzi. As always, it was excellent but the company was even better.

Throwback to a lovely catch up with Phil’s fam over Christmas ❤️

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We also went back a couple of weeks later with Phil’s family. The food was once again fantastic as was the company. We finished off with coffee in the fancy new Starbucks across the road. It’s always nice to hang out all together and what better way to catch up than over pizza?

Christmas Eve Daisy

This is a shot from Christmas Eve. Phil and I went for an extra long walk to kick-start our time off. The sun was shining, the air was a little crisp and it was lovely to take some time away from our laptops and catch up with one another. Although we live together our evenings are spent working and making dinner. I wouldn’t have it any other way though, we both support each other with our goals. I think it’s really important to be on the same page as your partner in life.

Christmas Eve red berries

It really was fun to get outside with my camera on Christmas Eve. It’s not something I get to do regularly in Sheffield. We used a mix of my Canon 7D, Phil’s M3 and our iPhones. I love the different types of photos and videos you can get from each camera.

Dairy free Irish Cream M and S MandS Yule Log

In December I was super excited to get to work with M&S a couple of times. I’m in there every week so it was fab to be able to take photos and share my thoughts on a brand I love and use every week.

Daisy Prettygreentea Cambridge Tree

They had these cute trees all around Cambridge. They looked particularly good in the afternoon and evening when the lights could really shine.

Prettygreentea Christmas Tree

This was our cute little Christmas tree. Normally we all go together to pick it but this year my dad had to do the job by himself. He found this beauty at a local farm and it was all ready and in place for the rest of us to decorate in the evening.

As much of a hassle (pine-needles in the car) as it is for him to go and collect the tree he never lets us down <3

Prettygreentea Red Topshop Dress Christmas

I had a second chance to wear this beautiful red Topshop maternity dress. I think it’s one of my favourite maternity dresses from this pregnancy. It’s so comfortable, bright and cheerful. I teamed it with my lovely new red Armani lipstick on Christmas day.

Lille NYE

Just after Christmas Phil and I headed to Lille. We went via Eurostar which was SO EASY. I always say this, but if you haven’t been on the Eurostar and you live close enough it’s a really easy and quick way to travel. There’s often good ticket prices around too.

The point of the trip was to meet up with our friends from Australia for a few days of fun, catching up and of course, to celebrate the New Year.

Prettygreentea Lille Meert

Here I am in Lille with a bag of tasty cakes from Meert. I’ll be sharing more postcards from Lille later this week. It was my second time visiting Lille in 2018, I’d also been in the summer with L.

PGT winter views

The only frosty morning we had in December. I was hoping for a white Christmas but wasn’t in luck. I thought it was quite warm really. I then hoped for snow in Lille but again, we were out of luck. I’ve got a feeling we’ll get a good snow fall in March, we did last year.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and end to 2018. I’m looking forward to the year ahead and I hope you are too.

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