Gaston Luga Backpack For Weekend Trips

This Gaston Luga backpack was gifted for a review.

We spend a lot of time travelling between Sheffield and Cambridge. We often take the train so we have to pack super light. Yes, travelling light with a baby is possible, sort of, you just have to plan ahead and be really strict with what you take.

Gaston Luga Backpack

I was gifted this beautiful backpack from the lovely folk at Gaston Luga. They’re a Scandinavian brand with a chic minimalist collection of backpacks and accessories for all occasions. They aim to bridge the gap between fashion and function – I think this is why I really like the brand. They get their designs spot on.

They have 7 styles of backpacks in a range of classic colour combinations; Pråper, Pärlan, Clässy, Clässic, Kåmpis, Biten and Pråper. All of the designs are lovely, it’s very hard to pick a favourite. Their accessories include passport holders, totes, address tags and transparent travel bags which are currently free with every purchase.

One thing I was very impressed with was how fast their FREE DELIVERY is. OMG, it arrived the next day and I really did not expect that. I also love that they do free returns worldwide.

I opted for the Clässic backpack in the black & brown combo. I was really tempted by the navy one, it’s gorgeous. However, I knew it was time I added something classic to my collection. I wanted something which Phil could use too as he’s the one who usually carries our bag on day trips. He actually ended up using this backpack for most of our trip to Southwold back in October.

Psst! There’s currently 25% off all Gaston Luga products for Black Friday through to Cyber Monday. This makes the Clässic £74.25 instead of £99.

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Prettygreentea backpac

I always travel with my laptop so I knew the inner padded compartment would be ideal for our weekend trips. There’s space for a 11″-13″ laptop so my 13′ Macbook Pro fits perfectly. On days where I’m not carrying my laptop it’s nice to have a pocket to separate paperwork, chargers etc.

Weekend Bag

So, when we go away for the weekend I take my laptop, charger, make-up bag and a few outfits for X and I. If there’s room I’ll pop one of our smaller cameras in too. Then I have a second smaller bag which has X’s nappies, wipes and a couple of teddies in.

In the very front pocket I keep my lipstick, lip balm and some small change. This pocket is super handy for anything you need easy access to but want to keep safe and secure. Then at the back of the bag is an almost hidden pocket which you could easily slot your passport into when you’re at the airport.

Gaston Luga Makeup Bag

At the moment you get the above travel bag free with every purchase. I’m currently using mine to carry my make-up in but it has also doubled as a snack bag for baby X.

This is a really comfortable backpack. The straps don’t dig into my shoulders and it’s not too chunky. I mean, it can be chunky, depending on how much you put inside but not in a way that you’ll knock someone out when you’re on the train.

Backpack details

The bag itself feels very secure. It has a drawstring closure with two magnetic clasps to ensure everything in your bag stays safe. Another feature of the bag I like is that is has feet so the bottom of the bag doesn’t get grubby or damaged when it’s sitting on the floor of the train.

Gaston Luga Prettygreentea

I’ve been using this bag a few times a week for a few months now and I love it. Not only is it practical for my new life with a baby but it also looks good. I can’t wait to use the bag or more adventures in the future. I’m actually going away this weekend and plan to share a ‘what’s in my bag’ style post so pop back and check for that if it’s your cuppa tea.

I’d planned to get my review up a while ago but baby life had different ideas. Anyway, I thought it was important to let you know about this lovely backpack while the Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer is on (it ends today). Don’t worry if you missed it you can still take advantage of my code DAISYHATAMI for a 15% off instead.