Smallbiz: Two Magpies Bakery – Southwold



I hope you’re all having a relaxing Friday evening, are you doing anything for Halloween? Tonight I’m here to share another post about Southwold with you, can you tell how much I miss being there?

Just after I had moved from Suffolk to Norfolk my dear old Southwold was blessed with a new bakery/patisserie, Two Magpies Bakery. I followed their journey on Twitter and Instagram and when I finally made it back to Southwold (after I had moved to Sheffield) I couldn’t wait to sample their delicious creations.

I’d had a pretty busy day with fish and chips by the harbour, a long walk on the beach and even had my nails done. It was nearing time to leave so I headed back into the town to grab a coffee and few treats to take home for the family. It turns out that my grandma was a regular at Two Magpies Bakery. She was visiting Southwold for the week and raved about the coffee and the crunchy cookies as we walked to the shop. If my grandma says the coffee is good then I always trust her.

You will find Two Magpies Bakery situated on the High Street right next to Daddy Longlegs and just before The Crown. You won’t miss it, the window is filled with fancy cakes, the meringue are stacked high and freshly baked bread is proudly on display. People stop at marvel at the beautiful creations before being tempted into the shop by lavender infused shortbread. There’s plenty of room to sit and enjoy breakfast, lunch or just and coffee and chat with your friends.

Just look at that rose and pistachio meringue, isn’t it a beauty? I was about to order a coffee when I made a last minute decision to try a dark chocolate mocha. It turned out to be the best decision of the week. I dived into the car and as we left Southwold I took my first sip of the mocha…wow! It was velvety and smooth with a good kick of coffee, I’ll definitely be going back again.

If you live in or near Southwold (you lucky sod) then you must make the most of the freshly baked bread and on a daily basis they have a new ‘special.’ I like the sound of Wednesday’s Pumpkin and Poppyseed bread.

Let me know if you visit Two Magpies Bakery. 

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Waterstones’ Blogger Mystery – Day Five


 Dear Diary,

I’m still here at the mansion, the whole place is on lock down and I’m growing very tired of it all. I’m longing to get home and back to normality.

Over the last few days we’ve hardly seen the Librarian. He’s been locked away in his study and failed to join us at meal times. Speaking of food, there always seems to be plenty of it around and yet the chef never stops to talk.

Today we decided that it was time we checked in with the Librarian. We ventured into the study and were met with a dark room which was lit only with a couple of candles. The fire was on its last legs. Papers, books and notes were sprawled all across the room. I stepped into the room and the Librarian turned from his chair. He looked frail and very pale, think Mr.Burns. He acknowledged our presence and turned back to his work.

I had a strange feeling that we weren’t welcome in the study but Becky headed across to one of the tables and began to move his paperwork around. The plan was to find a space to work, help the Librarian and then ask about leaving the property. After all, we both had commitments and thought that the police should really focus on the last couple of days. I held the books as Becky continued to pile up the notes but all of a sudden the calm of the room was disturbed when she accidentally knocked over a candle. I dropped the books and ran over to help but within seconds the fire spread across the paperwork on the floor.

The Librarian screamed with horror and sprung from his chair. He gazed into the flames and quickly backed up against the nearest wall. His eyes were wide and he looked in pain. Becky dashed across the room to comfort him, but I was quickly aware that this hadn’t been a good move. The Librarian freaked out as soon as she got near to him, he lashed out at her and it was almost as though he was some strange creature with a super-human strength. All of a sudden the Librarian launched at Becky and with a single punch, splat.. that was the last of Becky.

I quickly realised that all these crazy events that had happened in the mansion were very real. The girls were dead and I was left with the Librarian who was still lashing out, convulsing and shapeshifting right in front of my eyes. I grabbed the nearest chair, which was partially alight from the fire, and moved quickly towards the Librarian.

I used the chair as a shield as we fought amongst the flames, trading blows between fist and chair. The librarian continued to contort, growing taller and more menacing with every blow. His body began to tear apart, giving way to a dense nest of pulsating tentacles that began grasping fruitlessly at the smooth chair legs. I soon realised that this wasn’t the Librarian I was fighting with, but a forgotten menace.

The fire was spreading quickly and with one last shove of the chair the Librarian momentarily lost his, no its, composure. Seizing the opportunity to flee I swung ’round and thrust the chair into the nearest window. With smoke choking the hallways, and no way of seeing which way to run It was the only way of escaping the mansion. I clambered through the broken glass, not caring if I came away with a scratch or two, rolled over the bushes and ran across the grounds of the house.

I made it onto the lawn and finally turned back to look at the mansion and catch my breath. The fire had spread quickly and the ground floor was alight with flames and bellowing thick, black smoke. Another good photo opportunity, but not quite the appropriate time. I glanced at my phone, one bar of signal, at last! I called the fire brigade and then the police before falling to the ground. I could hear a terrible shrill and distressing shrieking sound coming from the mansion, whatever was in there was burning to death. At last, it was going to be gone.

You can read my first entry here, find out how you can win a £50 voucher and keep up to date with the latest clues on Twitter.

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Photography: iPhone photos of Southwold

View from Southwold pier

The view from Southwold pier

Southwold Pier art

Southwold Pier street art

View of Southwold pier

I thought it was about time that I shared a few photos from my last visit to Southwold. These are all snaps from my iPhone, I have a few from my main camera to share but I’m saving those for another day.

It’s very important to make sure that you make the most of the camera you have on you at the time. I see so many people wishing for a better camera so they can get into photography but really you should just get started with whatever you’ve got. You can learn about composition and get creative with any type of camera.

I hope you enjoy this set of photos as much as I do.

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Waterstones’ Blogger Mystery – Day Four

Dear Diary,

I woke early to the sunshine streaming through the window. I probably should have closed the curtains the night before, but I was feeling rather tired after the busy day. It was actually quite nice to see the sun, the lat few days have been very grim.

It didn’t take me long to get ready, I was keen to get my hands on a strong cup of coffee. I met with the Librarian and Becky and we began to pick away at breakfast. We expected Beth to join us, but time went on and the Librarian headed off to see if she was feeling ok. You’ll never guess what (you will), it seems that Beth went missing in the night. The Librarian was very concerned and immediately informed the police. He sat for a moment, contemplating the latest mystery. He then jumped to his feet and gestured for us to follow him.

The Librarian took us down to the creepy basement and explained that we would find lots of books for research and insisted that we help him find out which monster could be causing these horrible events. There wasn’t much of an opportunity to ask questions and before we knew it he was sprinting up the stairs to his study.

It seems as though the Librarian thinks we will find something before the police, I personally keep hoping that Mulder and Scully will appear around a corner and sort this out.

Neither of us fancied knocking about in the basement for too long. We picked up armfuls of books and headed up the long winding stairs. All of a sudden Becky flinched. My eyes darted around the staircase and I spotted a figure that could possibly have been Georgina, I know that sounds crazy, she’s been gone for days. Books flew up in the air as the figure brushed passed us. We let the rest of the books fall to the floor as we followed after the figure. We searched every room in the mansion but couldn’t find anything, except for more books and a continual lack of phone signal.


After a couple of hours we gave up and returned to the stairs to collect our books. The Librarian was engrossed in research. His room was covered in books and papers, it was a bit of a mess. Unorganised chaos, some may say. Becky and I made a cuppa and settled down in one of the more cheerful rooms we’d stumbled across earlier in the day. We weren’t totally sure what we were looking for, but we kept at it, there wasn’t much else to do.

I couldn’t push the idea of this whole thing being a game out of my mind, perhaps I would be next, or maybe Becky?

You can read my first entry here, find out how you can win a £50 voucher and keep up to date with the latest clues on Twitter.

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Career inspiration: Matthew Pike – Blogger and small business owner

Career Inspiration is a new series here on Prettygreentea. I’ve spent the last few months interviewing an inspirational and hard-working bunch of people from the blogging world. The aim of these interviews is to help those of you looking for career inspiration or simply a kick of motivation.

It’s very hard to know what you want to do in life and I’ve always loved finding out what others do and the journey they took to get there. So, I hope you enjoy my interview with Matthew – Founder of Buckets and Spades and Northern Goods Co.


What made you start your blog, Buckets and Spades and how has it evolved over the years?

I started in it early 2008, while I was studying Fashion Promotion at UCLan University. This was before I bought a decent computer so I had very little space to store images; I started off as a way to upload images and then go get them back when I needed. My partner, Hollie didn’t think I’d be able keep up a proper blog so I challenged myself to do so. Writing was never something I was keen on or good at so I thought it would be a nice to to try and improve that side of things too. The community was small back then and it was great finding blogs and clicking around on others.

It’s evolved a heck of a lot, and even though it’s outgrowing its current format (I need a whole new layout to make it more functional and for old posts not to get lost). I still feel I cover similar subjects to when I started. Though it was more “fashion” focused back when I started, but as I became exposed to new and exciting things at uni, my tastes changed, and so did my readers.

How do you think the way people blog and what they use blogging for has changed since you started out?

I think at first it was just a creative outlet but people realised that not only could you make some decent contacts out of it, but also make friends. I’ve met so many people via my blog and gone on to be friends with them in real life. The community is great for when you’re visiting somewhere new, in a second someone can hook you up with a friend who knows “all the good restaurants” in X. I think it went through a stage of people starting a blog because they saw there was an endless amount of free products to be had but I feel we’ve moved away from that now.I never thought I’d be blogging full time but if you work hard then things fall into place.


How did you take the first steps into full time blogging and did it have any connection to your other business, Northern Goods Co?

It didn’t really have any direct connection with Northern Goods Co, but I did see it as a good way to gain exposure. Our first stockist was at Weavers Door in Liverpool and I secured that via knowing the lads through my blog, so it does have a certain knock-on effect. Same with a few more I’d like to pursue.I decided to go full time with Buckets & Spades and freelancing August ’13, so not too long ago. I wasn’t happy in my previous jobs and they weren’t advancing as I’d hope, so I saw an opportunity to give it a go. Of course I’ve had to forfeit a lot to do so, (beans on toast for weeks!) but it needed to be done; I’m thinking long term. Since then it’s been hard but I’m getting involved with more projects as the months go by and hopefully will continue to do so.

Do you have any tips for others looking to start their own business or blog?

Well I would say this, don’t leave it too late. If you’ve got an idea then seek out people who you think maybe be able to make your ideas and dreams into a reality. You really have nothing to lose if it’s not an expensive venture, but if it is then that’s where people with experience in the field can help. You’ll regret it if you don’t give it a shot.

What’s next for your blog and business?

Next for the blog, to hopefully keep creating fun and exciting content, to redesign the whole site to make it more user-friendly and we would also like to expand our Northern Goods range. Turning Buckets & Spades into a fully fledge business is the bigger dream.

What are some of you favourite blogs?

A few I’m digging right now:

Uniform Journal
Take Courage
In Honor of Design
Love Grows Design

I want to say a big thank you to Matthew for taking part in this series. I wish you the best of luck with taking Buckets & Spades to the next level. You can find Matthew over on Buckets & Spades, Northern Good Co, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

If you would like to take part in my Career Inspiration series then just drop me a message on Twitter.

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Waterstones’ Blogger Mystery: Day Three


Dear Diary,

I’m here to update you on the latest events at the house.

After hearing the news of human blood by the lake I decided to stay in my room and relax a little. I resumed my seat by the window and was hopeful in reaching some phone signal, I hadn’t tweeted in days and was starting to feel cut off from reality. I watched the police plod around the grounds, they seemed like they would be sticking around for a while, so I felt fairly safe.

Later in the afternoon the Librarian came to each room and announced that he would be hosting a banquet in the main dining hall. I thought this was an excellent idea, and would help everyone to take their minds off the last few days. A few of the others were really quite shaken by the whole situation.

At this point there had been no mention of leaving the house. I hoped that once the police had finished their work we would be bundled into a taxi and sent on our way.

After a couple of hours we all made our way down to the main dining hall. I noticed that everyone was make-up free, including myself. It’d been a draining few days and we didn’t have many supplies with us. We entered though the big wooden doors and were met with the most spectacular display of food I’ve ever seen. The sheer variety and quantity made it look like a scene from a film, or as though I’d fallen back in time and stumbled upon a King’s banquet table. I was rather taken by the tall candles, quite different from my collection of Yankee and Neom. It was almost as though the Librarian had planned this evening weeks in advance. Surely not? I once again found myself toying with the idea that we could all be part of a game or perhaps a TV show. I quickly pushed this thought aside, you needed consent forms for that stuff.

I was delighted to find that the Librarian had made a huge batch of mulled wine to go alongside the fine food. I’m really not sure how he managed to organise this feast, he must have had some help. Although I was having a lovely evening I couldn’t help but notice that Sian was still in her room. I know she’d had quite a fright but being around others and taking her mind off things might help.

I wasn’t the only one, either. Beth had noticed Sian’s absence and went to check on her, while Becky and I waited in the dining room. She was gone for quite some time and I presumed she was encouraging Sian to come and join us. All of a sudden someone came running down the stairs at quite a speed. Noise travels easily in these old places. Beth burst into the room out of breath and very shaken, similar to how Sian had appeared the day before. She told us that she’d found Sian in her room with red eyes and fangs and that for her own safety, Beth had grasped the nearest blunt object and knocked Sian clean out.

The Librarian rushed upstairs and a short while late he returned to tell us that Sian was nowhere to be found. He seemed to think there’d been a struggle though, the room was in a bit of a state. After he finished explaining his findings he informed us that the house was on a lock-down, turned on his heel and headed for the far door. We followed the Librarian into the library. He was picking books from the shelves and muttering to himself that this must be the work of a single creature, something from a work of fiction. He suggested that we leave him to investigate and not to worry too much because the police would still be knocking about.

We had no choice but to continue our stay at the house. I was disappointed with this revelation, I’d been hoping to leave later in the evening and tackle the mountain of work I needed to catch up on. With yet another mysterious happening to mull over, we all decided to head off to bed. I fell asleep dreaming of solving mysteries.

You can read my first entry here, find out how you can win a £50 voucher and keep up to date with the latest clues on Twitter.

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Career inspiration: Natasha Ngan – YA Author & Blogger

Career Inspiration is a new series here on Prettygreentea. I’ve spent the last few months interviewing an inspirational and hard-working bunch of people from the blogging world. The aim of these interviews is to help those of you looking for career inspiration or simply a kick of motivation.

It’s very hard to know what you want to do in life and I’ve always loved finding out what others do and the journey they took to get there. So, please enjoy my first interview with the inspirational Natasha Ngan – YA author and blogger over at Girl in the Lens.


Congratulations on the publication of your second book, The Memory Keepers. When did you realise you wanted to become an author?

I’ve wanted to be an author from young, since as long back as I can remember. Reading and writing has always been my biggest passion. I grew up surrounded by books, and as an only child they were like company, friends even, to me. Being an author is the one thing I never believed I could do, and yet the one thing I could never imagine not doing.

How did you go about finding a publisher?

I started with getting an agent first, which today is most writers’ first step to being published since the majority of publishers don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. I was lucky to have a few offers of representation from agents, and ended up choosing the wonderful Nicola Barr from Greene & Heaton. Together, we revised my first novel, The Elites, before sending it out to publishers. Two days later, we had our first offer!

Did you go to university? If so, what did you study?

I went to Cambridge University and studied Geography, of all things! Everyone always thinks I must have studied English, but I chose Geography because I adore English enough already and spend so much of my free time reading and writing. Plus, we studied the most interesting things during my degree – I specialised in Cultural Geography – and many of them went on to inspire my stories.


What made you start your blog, Girl in the Lens and how has it played a part in your career?

I started GITL with my boyfriend Callum three years ago, when I was working at a social media agency in London. It seemed like a great way to learn more about social media, and something creative Callum and I could work on together (he does all the beautiful photography you see on the blog!). Back then, I had no idea how big a role it would play in my career. Now I’m half blogger, half author! It constantly surprises me how much my two worlds interact. I’m lucky that my blog readers are interested in my writing, and vice versa, and have even spoken on panels at literary events about blogging.

What is a typical work day like?

It’s usually pretty manic trying to balance writing and blogging, and every day is a working day – I don’t have weekends! There isn’t really a typical day, and it depends on whether I have either blog or author events. But every day I wake up and check my social media accounts and emails on my phone – which usually ends up taking at least half an hour and I still haven’t gotten out of bed! Then I’ll sit down properly to answer emails after breakfast and write a blog post or two. I usually work on blog-related things until mid-late afternoon, which is when I realise I probably should devote a bit of time to writing! In the evening I might pop into London for an event or two, and I always finish the day where I started it – in bed checking emails and notifications on my phone! I really must stop doing that.

What keeps you motivated?

Life! It sounds so cheesy, but for me I’m constantly amazed by the world, by the fact that I’m here at all, living and breathing. I don’t understand people when they say they’re bored – how can you be bored?! There’s so much to see and do! I think a big part of that though is my health. I have a genetic condition and a heart problem, which I’m actually having an operation for next month (fingers crossed!). These affect me constantly, every day. I guess I don’t have the privilege of taking life for granted because I’m so aware of my own mortality. So even though it’s a struggle to work so much, I want to keep pushing and challenging myself every day, to make the most of my time here and keep reaching for my dreams.

What direction would you like to take your career over the next few years?

With the blog, I’d love it to develop even more in terms of readership and content. Callum and I are always pushing ourselves to provide bigger and better content for our amazing readers, and we have a redesign to launch soon which will hopefully offer even more from our platform. With writing, I’d just love to be able to keep publishing more books. It’s a dream to make the bestseller list, but ultimately I just want to be able to keep on writing. Every time a reader gets in touch to tell me how much they loved my book, I think - this. This is what makes it all worthwhile.

Finally, do you have any tips for others aspiring to become an author?

Go for it! It’s such a hard industry – not only to break into, but to actually stay in, as there’s not a lot of money involved unless you’re one of the big names, and a lot of your success rests on luck. But if you love writing, you’ll be doing it anyway. I wrote my first novel while I was working full-time in London, and though it’s tough, I couldn’t not do it. The story was in me and I had to tell it. So go for it, you amazing people! Just keep at it, keep writing, keep finishing your work and putting it out there, and who knows what could happen?

Thank you so much for taking part in this series, Natasha. I wish you the best of luck with your future career and will continue to follow your daily updates and hopefully I can treat you to a coffee soon. You can find Natasha over on Girl in the Lens, FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

If you would like to take part in my Career Inspiration series then just drop me a message on Twitter.

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Waterstones’ Blogger Mystery: Day Two



Dear Diary,

We were asked not to leave the house due to the current circumstances. We all agreed and enjoyed a selection of brownies and macarons for breakfast, an unusual choice but this was a blogger event. It was all washed it down with a few cups of strong coffee and some chatter about the previous night.

I spent some time writing and wondering where Georgina could be. Are we part of a game or is something really going on?

I made my way to the library where Becky and Beth were already reading. They seemed to be lost in their books or perhaps, their thoughts. The Librarian had assured me there were plenty of good books to pick from. He really does have quite the collection. Not only were they displayed on those floor to ceiling shelves, but also stacked up in piles around the room. Maybe the Librarian should knock through into the next room.

I left Becky and Beth to continue with their books, none of us were in the mood for much talking. I took a few snaps in preparation of my blog post but decided against climbing the ladder to explore the higher shelves. As luck would have it I stumbled upon Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart. I settled in a old Chesterfield arm chair by the tall windows and began to read.

My mind kept drifting away from the book and I spent a lot of time gazing out of the window. I suddenly spotted Sian making her way down towards the lake. I thought it was brave of her to venture out, maybe she was searching for phone signal or in hope of a cool Instagram shot? It must have be 15 minutes later and she was hurrying back up towards the house, something wasn’t right. There was an almighty *thud* as the door shut and I carefully put my book down and headed out into the grand hallway. Sian had crumpled to the floor and was shaking.

She was clearly in shock and as much as she tried words wouldn’t leave her mouth. A few seconds later the Librarian came rushing down the hall with a cup of tea and knelt down next to her. Sian explained that she had seen something most disturbing. She described it to be a mythical creature, a giant squid of sorts and I’m sure she muttered the word Kraken. If I’m totally honest I didn’t know what to make of it, but at the same time there was no reason for her to make up something like that. I wonder what was in those brownies at breakfast. 

Poor Sian was so shaken by the latest event that she went off to her room to calm down. We decided to wait in our respective rooms ’til we found out more. One thing was fairly certain, we were all keen to leave but I didn’t have high hopes of it happening any time soon.

By the time I reached my room the police were trudging down to the lake. I took my place near the window and kept an eye on their movements. A while later and news spread throughout the group that human blood had been discovered down by the lake as well as some small metal objects. I’m quite confused by it all. By Sian’s account she had seen some type of Kraken but the latest developments seem to suggest otherwise, sea monsters made of metal is more Scooby-Doo than blogger murder mystery.

I’m not one to jump to conclusions but I’m also not convinced that someone is playing a trick anymore.

You can read my first entry here, find out how you can win a £50 voucher and keep up to date with the latest clues on Twitter.

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Travel: A flight on the 787 Dreamliner with Thomson Airways

At the beginning of October the lovely people at Thomson Airways asked if I’d like to take a shiny 787 Dreamliner flight to Palma, Majorca for lunch. Guess what? I said yes!

I arrived at Gatwick airport early on Wednesday morning and met up with the blogging crew; KatieXanthePoppyAlison and Joelle. It wasn’t long before we were whisked away to the plane – ‘Angel of the Sky’.

As you can see, it was rainy and very dull so although a little nervous, I was pleased to be leaving the gloomy weather behind.

787 Dreamliner London

Things to keep in mind for those of us who are nervous of flying (thanks to Captain John Murphy):

  • Let the cabin crew know how you feel

  • Have a chat with the pilot

  • Remember, you’re not alone



As I took my first steps onto the Dreamliner I could tell that this plane was different. The friendly cabin crew  greeted us with warm smiles and showed us to our Premium Club seats (ooo fancy). The first thing I noticed was that the plane felt much brighter and more spacious than others I’d been on. I later found out that the windows are 30% bigger than on normal planes and that even at it’s lowest height, the Dreamliner is over 6-foot high. I also liked that you could dim the windows as you please, helpful if you fancy a snooze.

We explored the plane a little, experimented with the television set and quickly settled down into our big comfy seats (more leg room in Premium Club and Economy Club) when we spotted the basket of pastries heading our way.

Mood lighting on the 787 Dreamliner

We heard from a host of Thomson directors; David Burling, MD of TUI UK&I,  Captain John Murphy, MD of Thomson Airways and Carl Gissing, Director of Customer Service, Thomson Airways. Captain John Murphy actually flew us out to Palma but was free to chat with us on the return journey. They all had a lot of interesting things to say about the Dreamliner and the future plans of Thomson, I’m truly impressed by what’s to come.

Mood lighting 787 Dreamliner

A few perks and future plans

  • In-flight entertainment is updated on a monthly basis

  • Free drinks in Economy Club on long-haul flights (soft, alcoholic and hot)

  • The 787 Dreamliner flys higher than other planes – 43,000 feet

  • Special seating for families (4 – 6 people) – think train style on the 737 Max

  • The Dreamliner can fly 8,000 miles without stopping

Breakfast on 787 Dreamliner

We were treated to a rather delicious breakfast, just look at it! Thomson will be offering themed food for each destination to ensure your holiday really does start from your flight. Such fun!

Breakfast Menu

Cabin beds

The cabin crew have a space to relax take a nap on long-haul flights. I thought their sleeping quarters was really quite cosy.

787 Dreamliner seating

What’s so special about the 787 Dreamliner?

  • More leg room

  • Bigger windows

  • Mood lighting

  • Quieter flight

  • More oxygen

  • More fuel-efficient

  • Stronger, lighter and more aerodynamic.

Comfy chairs 787 Dreamliner

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat to lots of the Thomson staff. One thing that really shone through from everyone was their love and passion for the company. A lot of people I spoke to had been with the company for over 10 years. I think that’s really good going for these days and shows that Thomson have something good going on to keep their staff so loyal.

Plane view

Isn’t that a beautiful view?


I loved having the chance to go in the cockpit and chat with with Captain John Murphy, MD of Thomson Airways.

787 Dreamliner cockpit

Captain John Murphy and Joelle.

I must admit that before this trip I had no opinion of the Thomson. I didn’t dislike it, I simply knew very little about it and as some of you may know, I’m a Virgin geek and it’s generally my go to airline. However, after hearing all the fantastic plans, experiencing the 787 Dreamliner service and realising how loyal and passionate the Thomson staff are I have fully changed my mind. I will be sure to recommend it to friends, especially those with kids as well as taking advantage myself. Actually, as soon as work allows I plan to take a trip to Costa Rica (as recommended by Captain John). This trip will be available from November 2015 which gives me enough time to save up for something really special.

787 Dreamliner Angel of the sky

787 Dreamliner

We had a smooth landing in Palma and were whisked off to Ca n’eduardo which is situated just by the fishing port. We were met with more friendly faces, glasses of bubbles and the most delicious nibbles I’ve had in quite some time.

There was plenty of time to chat to the holiday reps and hear how iPads have revolutionised the way they work. It might sound very trivial at first but being able to make requests, book excursions and connect the cabin crew to the holiday advisors will make communication much easier and ensure your holiday is as you wish.

Ca n'eduardo - steak

Shall we focus on the food for a moment? I promise it’s worth it. I was presented with the most fantastic steak I’ve ever seen. A hunky chunk of meat along with a big mushroom and some colourful peppers. The table was covered with bowls of chips, hasselback potatoes and vegetables. A sneaky waiter walked around and topped up wine glasses without people noticing, quite the skill.

Ca n'eduardo

As if we hadn’t been spoiled enough, along came the desserts. The big chocolate thing in the middle tasted like giant marshmallow tea cake.

palma majorca

palma majorca

I then headed off for a little walk around the harbour with Joelle, Katie and Alison. Palma really is very pretty and hopefully I’ll get the chance to spend more time there in the future and visit the cathedral. All of a sudden it was time to leave.

We took in the last of the sunshine and and bumbled onto the coach.

Day trip on the 787 Dreamliner

On our return journey we were treated to our favourite drink (a G&T for me), I’d forgotten that we’d even ordered it at lunch. I must point out that I normally close my eyes real tight on take off and pretend I’m elsewhere. This time, I looked out of the window and watched as beautiful Palma disappeared from view. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that. I felt in safe hands, very comfortable and much more at ease than usual.

On a return journey you usually want nothing more than a long nap and some good food. Thomson are taking this one step further and from Feb 2015 they will be offering duvets, pillows and cookies. I should probably explain that a little more. We were handed thick cosy duvets which were big enough to fully wrap around your body. Not long after came a mug of hot chocolate complete with marshmallows and sprinkles and of course, a warm cookie. This was the the first time I’d taken a little nap on a plane in years and I even wished that we were on a longer flight. I think this is fantastic idea and ideal for long-haul flights.

Thomson, thank you so much for a comfortable and relaxing flight on the 787 Dreamliner and for treating me to lunch in Palma. I will be most definitely be flying with you again and hope to visit Palma in the near future.

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Waterstones’ Blogger Mystery: The Descendants

To kick off the spooky season off I’m getting involved with an online blogger murder mystery hosted by Waterstones. Over the next two weeks myself, Becky, Georgina, Sian and Beth will be sharing diary entries from our time at a creepy old mansion. Keep up to date with all the latest clues over on Twitter and if you figure out who the killer is you could win a £50 voucher.

Find out more about The Descendants and how you can help solve the mystery.

Keeping an eye on those who pass by..

Its me

Dear Diary,

I know I’m behind but the last few days have been rather intense. So, let me start off by telling you that a famous book collector who goes only by the name of Librarian invited me to a mysterious mansion along with a few other bloggers. Blogging events are becoming more and more innovative so I thought this would be fun and, as always, it’s a good chance to meet new people.

As my Uber rolled up to the mysterious mansion I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be like the events I usually go to. It was an ancient, and remote place far removed from the hustle-and-bustle and polish of a London venue, but rife with photo opportunities.  I needed every fibre of discipline in my body to avoid the urge to explore the grounds with my camera, but I expected the opportunity would present itself later.

Upon entering, to my dismay, there wasn’t a sodding cupcake in sight!

Fortunately, there was tea. After a cup of earl grey and some time exploring the house things took an unexpected turn. Librarian informed us that we are all descendants of famous horror writers. The others seemed a little spooked by this but I was very excited, especially as it turns out that I’m related to Edgar Allan Poe, that’s pretty cool, right? I understand the whole situation is rather strange but I was sure that it would make for excellent content.

Librarian left us to spend the evening chatting away, sipping on whiskey and sharing our favourite ghost stories. It started to get dark outside, time seemed to have slipped away very quickly. I glanced down at my phone but with a lack of wifi and phone signal there was no way that any of us would be leaving. Librarian laughed when we asked if there would be rooms for us to stay in, we were in a mansion after all.

We were each taken to our respective rooms, which were just as old fashioned and dark as the rest of the house. My room was covered with old paintings. You know the kind, the ones with black eyes that follow you around. I spent a couple of hours reading and climbing on chairs in search of a phone signal but never with any luck.

Oh, I nearly forgot, after reading I decided to pull the curtains shut and, as I glanced out into the moonlit gardens, I spotted a grey, shadow-like figure dart across the grass. Now, the weather had become very dense so I couldn’t tell who it was. I expect it was Librarian, exploring the grounds. Anyway, it wasn’t my business so I drew the curtains tight, climbed into the big squishy bed and fell sound asleep.

My alarm went off around 8ish the following day and I quickly got dressed and did my best to make the bed. I dragged open the big dusty old curtains and looped the ties around each side. It was still misty outside and there was definitely a sharp chill to the air, ancient windows do little to keep in the heat or keep out the cold.  A raven was perched on a nearby branch. I watched it for a few minutes as I composed myself for the day, and it stared back, intently. Creepy little creature!

I wrapped my scarf around me for extra warmth and headed downstairs in search of breakfast. These old mansions sure do have a lot of stairs. Half way down I bumped into Sian and Becky. Sian seemed to be on edge. She frantically explained that the police were on their way because Georgina and her dog had vanished. Her story got creepier; the room they had stayed in was now covered in blood and nothing was left but a diary. I thought it sounded like something from a film or a book and toyed around with the idea that someone could be playing a trick, or perhaps this was all part of a game or an elaborate staged event?

A few minutes later the conversation had drifted onto a spooky sighting last night. It seems that I wasn’t the only one who spotted the mysterious grey figure. I dismissed the notion that it had anything to do with the disappearance, nobody had any concrete evidence and speculation wouldn’t get us anywhere.

Check back on Wednesday for my second diary entry. 

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