Food & Drink: Oatly review – Dairy free milk alternative

“It’s like milk, but made for humans”

Oatly package

It was the packaging of Oatly that first caught my attention on one of my many visits to Waitrose. I decided to investigate a little further and as soon as I realised it was a milk alternative I popped it straight into my shopping basket. I don’t really drink regular milk these days, so I like to try as many alternatives as I can, plus I really liked the packaging. Oatly is one of the first milk alternatives that I’ve started to buy on a regular basis.

So, what exactly is Oatly? It’s a dairy free alternative to milk and soya. Oatly, as you can probably guess is made from oats, it’s full of fibre and free from added sugars. They’re a small Swedish business and use only Swedish oats. One of the main benefits to this is that many of the nasty pesticides that are used on oats in the rest of Europe are forbidden in Sweden (this is a topic I’m rather interested in).

Oatly birds eye view

You will notice that Oatly is an off-white colour, I don’t find this an issue but I thought it was best to let you know.

I enjoy using Oatly in porridge, smoothies, cereal and for baking and cooking. Simply use it anywhere you would normally use regular milk or other milk alternatives. However, if you’re going to use it in tea then it’s best to put Oatly into your teacup first and then add the water once it has cooled a little. If not, the tea can curdle which doesn’t alter the taste but looks a bit funny.

Oatly Vegan


I’ve been buying Oatly regularly and I’m keen to try more from the range, especially the chocolate version. Do you drink regular milk? If not, have you ever used Oatly?


I hope some of you found this post interesting and possibly useful. Don’t forget to let me know if you try Oatly and feel free to share your thoughts.

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Halloween – Witches Brew Candle

Halloween Yankee Candle

Halloween black wax Yankee Candle

Pumpkin Spice lattes have arrived in Starbucks, I’m taking that as a sign that I can talk about Halloween.

I was lucky to receive Witches Brew from Yankee Candle* at the start of the month. I’m a very big fan of Halloween and I look forward to it rolling ’round each year. Yankee Candle always put out a good Halloween collection and this year is not different. The black wax looks dramatic against the flame. I really like the packaging of this candle, the artwork on the jar is delightful and can be reused once the candle is finished. Maybe I’ll fill it with sweets for for my Halloween party (I’ve been burning this constantly).

Yankee Candle - Halloween

So, we’ve established that I really like the packaging of this candle but what about the scent? Well, this is the type of scent that is ideal all through the colder months and it’s best burnt in the evening. I detected strong notes of patchouli which is a very earthy scent but there were also notes of cinnamon spice. Unlike a lot of the themed Yankee Candles Witches Brew has a very subtle scent – you can leave it burning throughout the evening and it doesn’t become overwhelming. If you prefer your candles to be powerful then I suggest a sweet smelling candle such as Candy Corn.

Have you tried any of the Halloween themed candles from Yankee? I’m thinking of getting Ghostly Treats once payday rolls ’round because the jar is another beauty and I like the idea of trying out a marshmallow scented candle.

Keep an eye out for my Halloween themed posts coming up throughout October.

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Street art in New York

NY Art

NYC street art

Street art in NY

New York Street art

NY Hand

view from high line 2


Today I decided I’d share a few photos from my NYC trip back in 2012. The photos I want to focus on are of street art in New York. On the days where my friends were working or in university I would visit as many museums as I could and I made sure that I walked to each one so that I could really take in the city.

I found the people of New York to be very friendly, positive and helpful. I really enjoyed exploring the city by foot, it gave me the chance to stumble upon interesting shops, buy hipster ice pops and talk to lots of people. It also gave me the chance to stop and taking photos as and when I pleased. I’m always drawn to street art and there was lots of it about the city. I don’t know much about the stories being the art and stickers I snapped but if I come across any information then I’ll be sure to add it into this post.

The other day I shared a few from Brooklyn, so feel free to take a look at those.

Have you spotted any interesting street art in your town?

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Norwich: Urban apples


Apples and wall


In the middle of Norwich there’s this apple tree. It’s not in park, or a garden but sat in the middle of a building site just opposite John Lewis. All summer long the juicy red apples would catch my eye as I walked past. Sadly they were never picked and made into a pie but instead they fell to the concrete floor.

I really liked the fresh apples against the brick wall and fencing. I snapped a few photos before I left the city, nothing fancy but it’s something I wanted to document on here.

I wonder what they’ll do when they decide to build there, will the tree stay or will that be the end of its urban life?

Have you spotted anything interesting in your town lately?

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House & Home: Habitat sofa

As some of you may know I moved to Sheffield at the end of August. From the day we arrived I’ve been busy with work and prepping for my current business venture, Indiecana. This means that I’ve still got a lot of sorting and organising to do in the flat. The bedroom is done but I still need to organise the second room and the lounge. The shelves are up and have been filled with books, magazines and an old Furby. I’m sure this will change because I want to get rid of a lot more things to the charity shop. I want to make my life easier to move and avoid keeping unnecessary things (we’ll see how that goes).

I’m now at the stage where I want to get the lounge cosy and ready for autumn and winter. I’m on the look out for a sofa and a coffee table. I’ve actually been without a sofa for quite a while now. I spend a lot of time at my desk in the evening and haven’t really needed one. I’m now learning to relax a little so I’ve decided it’s time to invest in some more furniture (I always rent unfurnished). The other evening I started browsing sofas on Habitat, Made, Ikea and Heals. They all have a pretty good selection so I’ve decided to take it brand by brand. Over the next few weeks I hope to narrow down my search and would love your input.

I’ve always been a big fan of Habitat for home furniture and accessories. My current bed is from there, I’ve had it for about two years. It’s very good quality and has survived moving from Suffolk – Cambridge – Sheffield. At the moment any spare money I have is going into my business so I thought that everything on the site would be out of my budget. I’m pleased to say that I was wrong. I’m hoping to find something that will be easy to transport for the next time I move.

sofa and chairMomo sofa and Momo armchair

As soon as I stumbled upon the Momo sofa and armchair I knew they were potential winners. I’m looking for a structured sofa, not a soft and squidgy one and the Momo is ideal. I really like the rounded design and they have that 60s style that I always end up going for. What do you think of the Momo seating?

In collaboration with Habitat

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Street art in Brooklyn


Robots will kill


Brooklyn art

Today I’m sharing a few photos of street art from Brooklyn. I’m not in America at the moment but I’ve been looking back on old adventures and starting to plan new ones.

I came across my Brooklyn photos on Flickr and decided I wanted to dedicate a few posts to them. At the time I came back from my trip I was starting a new job and life was very busy. I missed out on sharing some fun experiences on my blog but hopefully you won’t mind if I catch up now.

I hope some of you will enjoy these snaps as much as I do. Later in the week I want to tell you all about my visit to the Mast Brothers chocolate factory.

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Tea: Adagio Tea review

tea shot

The other day I shared some of the teas I’ve been enjoying lately and mentioned that I had a few reviews coming up for you. Well, today I want to talk about a selection of teas which I’ve been trying out over the last two months. I was kindly sent a generous selection of tea samples from the folk over at Adagio Tea HQ. I’d never heard of the brand before but after a quick browse of their website I could see that they were well established with a wide selection of teas. They even offer a fun selection of signature blends for Firefly, Teen Wolf and a few others geeky shows.

Anyway, let’s take a closer look at the teas they sent over. I’ve added in the links to each tea so you can locate them easily.


First up we have Peach Oolong. I was very excited to try this tea because I’d never had a peach tea before. This tea is blended with oolong tea, natural peach flavour, apple pieces, marigold flowers and apricots. The base of the tea is oolong which gives it a very earthy flavour but with a subtle hint of fruit. I found that there was a strong aftertaste of peach which I really enjoyed.

It’s important not to steep this tea for too long because it will become bitter. I left mine for 3-4 minutes and drank it black. I really enjoyed this tea in the evening and found it warming which means it will be ideal for the colder months. If you’re not a fan of oolong tea then you probably wont enjoy this one.


I took the Earl Grey Lavender to my parents house because they drink a lot of Earl Grey and it would have been mean to keep it all to myself. Once I’d opened up the bag I was met with a very sweet and floral scent. This tea is blended with black tea, lavender flowers, orange peels, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavour, natural bergamot flavour and natural creme flavour.

I always drink earl grey black, I don’t feel like it needs any milk added to it, especially this one because it has the natural creme flavour with it. This tea has a very sweet taste which my dad and I enjoyed. My mum found the tea too sweet and didn’t think it needed the extra flavours alongside the lavender. However, she’s keen to try the Earl Grey Bravo when I next put in an order. This tea only needs to be steeped for around 2-3 minutes, any longer and it becomes too strong.

I think that this tea works well in the morning and the evening as it has a very relaxing and calming feel to it. I’ll be sure to repurchase this tea in the near future.


Now we’re onto a good old rooibos blend, Rooibos Mango. This tea is blended with rooibos tea, natural mango flavour, apple pieces, mango pieces and marigold flowers. Rooibos is one of my favourite teas and I always enjoy trying new blends. The mango in this blend gives it a fruity kick and it’s also naturally sweet. I drank this tea black but P enjoyed it more with a dash of milk and honey.

I normally prefer to drink rooibos in the evening but this blend worked well as a morning brew because of the fruity notes. I found that brewing this tea for around 4-5 minutes worked best.


Here we have Citron Green. This Tea is blended with green tea, orange peels, marigold flowers, natural lemon flavour and natural orange flavour. When you open up this tea the citrus scent really hits you. I found that the tea had a strong, but not overpowering citrus kick to it. It’s a very crisp and refreshing tea which I think can be enjoyed best in the morning. I’ve heard it makes for a good iced tea but I never got ’round to trying that. Maybe I’ll give it a try when I make my next order.

This is another tea which only needs 2-3 minutes to steep it can quickly become bitter if it’s left over 3 minutes.


Finally we have Blood Orange. This herbal tea is blended with orange peels, hibiscus flowers, rose hips and natural orange flavour. I found that it needed to be steeped for about 6 minutes to really bring out its full flavour. Herbal teas usually need a little more time to taste their best. The tea has a very strong taste of orange alongside sharp citrus notes. It had been quite some time since I’d last had a herbal tea because they can often be very hit and miss. From the photo you can seen all the chunks of fruit and as you can imagine the flavours really came to life as you drank the tea. I’m pretty sure I’ll be repurchasing this again but I’m interested to try the peppermint tea from Adagio first.

Which do you like the sound of best? 

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Food: Rosemary & Olive Oil Ritz Breaks

Ritz iPhone snap

You’ve all heard of Ritz crackers, right? How about the new Rosemary & Olive Oil Ritz Breaks? I honestly think Ritz may have just created something that I like more than their good old traditional crackers. About a month ago I was kindly sent a few packs of Ritz Breaks to try out. I liked the new Rosemary & Olive Oil flavour so much that I thought I should do a food review.

Ritz Breaks contain 6 individual packs of crackers with 5 rows of easy to snap crackers. They really do fit a lot of crackers into these small packets, I was surprised and very pleased. The crackers are very easy to snap off  and don’t make much of a crumble. They fit easily into a handbag which I found useful for when I was popping into London for the day. The individual packs also prevent you from devouring a whole box while you’re watching Autumnwatch.

I still enjoy the traditional crackers, they just work so well with a slice of cheese and a blob of pickle. However, I think the new ones seem to feel a little more grown up than the Original ones. I know that might sound a bit silly, but the crack of salt, flecks of rosemary and strong notes of olive oil go so well alongside a glass of wine.

Crackers are something that I often have in the house. They’re handy as late night snacks in the colder months, ideal for picnics in summer and dipping in hummus at lunch.

Will I buy these next time I’m in the supermarket? Yes, of course and I think I’ll be more likely to go for Rosemary and Olive Oil than the Original ones. 

Price: £1.89 but they’re usually on special offer for a little less. 

Have you tried Ritz Breaks?

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Sheffield: Street art and stickers

sheffield street art

Sheffield spice girl

Sheffield pepper

Sheffield street sticker

Sheffield Street Sticker

I’ve finally had the chance to take a little waddle around Sheffield. Well, I’ve been walking to the gym and up into the town most days for the last two weeks. Whenever I’m in a new city I make more of an effort to take in my surroundings. One thing that has stood out to me over the last few days is the abundance of interesting street art and puzzling stickers around the city. I’ve been snapping away on my phone ad have already built up quite the collection.

I plan on dedicating a day to exploring the city with my camera at the weekend.

I’ll be sharing more on my Instagram page.

Have you spotted any cool street art on your travels?

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What’s in my cup? 5 teas I’ve been enjoying

Cath Kidston mushroom cup


I’ve spent the last couple of hours relaxing with a cup of tea and catching up with some blogs. The mug in the photo is one of my favourites, it’s the mushroom print from Cath Kidston. I always use this mug when I’m feeling tired because it holds a lot of tea/coffee and reminds me of homehome.

So, what’s in my cup? Nope, it’s not cold enough for hot chocolate, I’ve not unpacked my Nespresso machine yet so it’s not coffee and it’s most definitely not sizzurp. This is a simple post about the 5 teas I’m enjoy at the moment. I think it will be quite useful for those of you who enjoy trying new teas. I’ve actually got a few tea reviews coming up over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those…if you want.

Here are 5 teas (aside from English Breakfast) that I’m enjoy at the moment.

- Chash Tea – Organic Mint Spice

- Duchy Originals – Peppermint Infusion

- Adagio Tea* – Rooibos Mango

- Butterworth & Son – Sencha Wild Grey 

- Tea Pigs – Liquorice and peppermint

Do you drink tea? If so, what are your favourites at the moment?


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