Outfit of the day and a lifestyle change

It’s been ages since I shared an outfit with you. At first I was just out of the habit and had very little time due to work. Then I put on weight and didn’t feel comfortable taking photos to put on the blog. I’m generally not a fan of being in front of the camera, I much prefer being behind the lens. However, I love documenting my outfits. It’s nice to look back on them over the years and good for when you need some inspiration. So, now that I’ve made some big changes in my lifestyle and work hours I think it’s time to start sharing my outfits again.

Alongside outfit posts I’d also like to talk more about my lifestyle changes and keep the blog documented on my health and fitness progress.


So, here are a few changes I’ve made over the last month:

- I’ve gone from drinking one small glass of water a day to 2 litres.

- I’ve been avoiding takeaways. I probably had two a month as well as eating out at restaurants.

- I’ve stopped having Marmite on toast for breakfast. I now have Grape Nuts, fresh fruit or a veg and fruit smoothie.

- I’ve cut out processed foods. We now make everything from scratch at home and this includes jar sauces. I didn’t have a lot of processed food before but I’ve eliminated anything that was.

- In terms of sugar I’m avoiding chocolate bars and candy. If I have chocolate it will be a square of the good stuff but only on special occasions. I find that the more I eat it the more I crave it.

- I go to the gym between 3 and 5 times a week. This includes a combination of Combat, Spin, Pilates and Pump. I’d also like to get a swimming session in each week.

- I’m massively allergic to dairy. It causes my skin to flare up and become very itchy. Although I’m good at avoiding dairy most of the time I sometimes slip (pizza and ice cream). So I’ve decided to save those two things for holidays. My skin really is much better when I don’t eat dairy.

- I don’t buy normal bread any more. I now go for rye bread every now and then. It’s delicious with peanut butter or eggs and avocado.

- I’ve cut down on wearing foundation. This has really helped the condition of my skin along with my water intake. I have two brands of foundation which work well with my skin, I use these when I go to meetings or out with friends.

I can’t think of any other significant changes I’ve made, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated. I’m also reading a lot about health and fitness and will share any interesting bits I find over on Twitter.

Now, if I happen to go out for dinner or have a takeaway with friends once in the month then I wont be worrying about it. You can’t avoid social situations all the time but it’s good to just keep everything in balance. However, since I’ve cut out processed foods I’ve found that I don’t enjoy having my old favourite curry from the takeaway as much (I still love chips though..). It looks like things are changing in a positive way.


Dress - Topshop | Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins | Shoes - Clarks similar style  (my review) | Bag – Red Valentino

My aim is to feel comfortable and happy with how I look.

A few things I hope to achieve:

- Quit my dependency on black tights
- Quit my obsession with cardigans
- Be able to do 10 press-ups – at the moment I can only just do 1 real one.



Lemon coin purse – Kate Spade | Phone case* – Ted Baker

I hope some of you will find this post interesting and maybe even come back again to keep up with my latest outfits and fashion finds. I would like to continue updating the blog with my lifestyle change and health, if this is something you would be interested in then do let me know.

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Summer candle: Juicy Watermelon

watermelon candle

The Juicy Watermelon Yankee Candle* arrived last week. Isn’t the packaging beautiful? Just look at that freshly sliced watermelon sitting on a bed of ice, it’s making my mouth water!

I decided to burn the candle while we were sitting out in the sunshine for lunch. Juicy Watermelon really really smells of freshly cut watermelon. At first the scent is delicate and sweet but after an hour it becomes much stronger. I suggest putting the candle out after 30/60 minutes so you can enjoy a light scent of fresh watermelon floating around the room. I wouldn’t leave it burning for longer because it becomes too sweet.

This candle has quickly become my favourite for the summer months. I’ve really enjoyed burning it out in the garden when we’ve had friends over and also in the lounge or kitchen first thing in the morning. The scent lasts throughout the day and makes the whole house smell like summer.

I should also point out that this is one of the first sweet/fruity candles that I’ve liked. I normally go for spicy scents during the winter and floral for summer. It seems that Juicy Watermelon has taken first place as my favourite summer candle…for now.

I have a few more candles to tell you about later in the week.

Do you enjoy burning candles during the summer months?

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Beauty: Dry2Alive – Face & Body cream


The other week I shared some of my favourite products to travel with. Today I’m going to go into more detail about the Dry2Alive Face and Body cream* because it’s been my favourite product for a few weeks.

Although I’m usually good at applying face and body creams I can sometimes become a little lazy, especially when I travel. Now, I’ve not been anywhere new, not even abroad. But I have been staying in a few hotels for work, a festival and also visiting my parents. This month I’ve carried the products I mentioned in my last post and the Dry2Alive cream has been very useful.

I love the ease of applying it to my face, neck, arms and then the rest of my body. I’ve also used this as a hand cream a few times because it fits into my handbag.

This cream is particularly good for dry skin and I’ve found it to be very hydrating. I was pleased to find that it absorbs into my skin quickly which makes it ideal to use both in the morning and evening.

The cream contains marshmallow oil which is said to reduce itching. I’ve actually been able to test this out recently because my hands and arms have become very sore and itchy (I think it’s a mix of eczema and an allergic reaction to dairy…again). The cream honestly helped to cool and sooth my skin and the itching faded pretty quickly. I could have done with this cream over the years because I often suffer with itchy skin and sometimes really damage it.

The product has a very light and fresh scent. I’ll be the first to admit that the packaging of this cream isn’t very fancy but seen as it does a good job I think I can let that go.

The 50ml tube I have is £10.40. If you have dry and itchy skin then you should give this a go.

I’m using the cream regularly at the moment but I know I’ll be repurchasing it for the colder months.

What’s your favourite body cream at the moment?

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London: Cheeky Parlour

Cheeky hair londonNot the best photo but it’s going to have to do!

The other week in London A and I visited The Cheeky Parlour in Shoreditch. They offer hair, nail and make-up services all at affordable prices (Nails – £8/Hair – £15). You can also have a coffee and cake while someone works their magic on your hair. Make sure you take a look at the website to see how pretty the parlour is.

The girl who did my hair was friendly and knew exactly what I wanted to do with my hair. She spent just over 30 minutes washing and blow drying it into soft beautiful curls with a bounce. I was delighted with the results. We headed off for dinner after the appointment and then to Wireless festival the next day and it held out pretty well. With a blow dry costing just £15 (very good for a London salon) I think that a trip to the Cheeky Parlour would be perfect to do before a night out in London or a trip to the theatre.

The only downside to the visit was that the reception staff didn’t seem very friendly on our arrival. We were a little late for our appointment due to tubes and finding the location but nothing to cause a big problem. The reception is directly opposite the entrance and with 3 members of staff sitting there it’s a little intense when you arrive. I believe that good customer service is very important, even after a long day. Anyway, aside from that I was very pleased with my hair and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back there again.

Check out the full list of treatments and let me know what you would go for.

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Beauty: Pulpe De Vie Organic Face Mask



Pulpe De Vie kindly sent over a few of their Securé Frappé face masks for me to try out. Over the last 4 weeks I’ve been using one face mask each week and I’m really enjoying this new routine. I generally use face masks on and off but have never consistently stuck to a routine for longer than a month or so. Hopefully this time will be different because I’m noticing a huge difference in my skin. It’s been looking much clearer and I don’t seem to be getting as many (stress) spots. I think this is all to do with a weekly face masks, increasing my water intake, cutting down on foundation and also the new cleansers I’ve been using.

The mask is very easy to use. Simply apply it all over your face, leave for five minutes and then massage softly into your skin. You then remove the mask with warm water.

As you apply this delicious mask to your skin it has a lovely sweet and fruity smell of apricots. The mask helps to remove blackheads, tighten up your pores and hydrates your skin. The morning after I’ve used this my skin feels fresh and fully cleaned for the week ahead (I tend to use masks on a Sunday).

I have fairly sensitive skin and haven’t had any reactions to this product. I’m keen to purchase a full size tube of this mask but I think I’m going to try out the body cream first.

What are your thoughts on face masks? Do you use them on a weekly basis or when your skin needs some extra love?


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Audley End House and Gardens





















Last Saturday we went to Audley End House in Saffron Walden. We explored the libraries (my favourite), the chapel and the great hall. There were people in each room who were ready to answer questions and tell you more about the history of Audley End House. We even bumped into a few ‘characters’ who had taken on the roles of house staff. It felt like we were in a period drama.

After a cold drink we left the house to explore the gardens for a few hours. It was a very hot day and lots of people were having picnics and relaxing in the shade of the big trees. I’ll definitely be doing that next time I go. I think this is a perfect place for a summer holiday day trip – there’s lots going on for little ones and the grounds are simply stunning.

You can find prices and opening times over on the website.

Sorry it’s such a quick post today. I just really wanted to share these photos with you.  

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Cambridge: Caffe Sicilia

Coffee in Cambridge

Good morning! Today I wanted to tell you about Caffe Sicilia, my favourite place to get coffee and cake in Cambridge. It’s a family run business which I stumbled upon a while back. I now go back as often as I can because they serve the best coffee in Cambridge (as far as I know) and the staff are passionate and friendly. Good service is very important to me.

After my first visit I popped over to the website to find out more about the business. I discovered that the chefs have all trained and worked in Sicily, so you can rest assured that you will be well fed. They promise to use only the highest quality of Sicilian products and it really does show. I’ve tried a few of their homemade cakes and if I was pushed to pick a favourite it would have to be the Pistachio and Nutella cake. It’s a little pricy and quite heavy but ideal for sharing with friends.

Next time I’m in Cambridge I plan on going back for coffee and freshly baked croissants in the morning. Although, I’ve heard that the Arancini is delicious, so I could go for lunch. I should probably do both, it’s only fair that I try it all. I’ve also heard that the hot chocolate is delicious so if you’re not a fan of coffee then maybe give it a go.

You will be pleased to know that Caffe Sicilia is located just a short walk from the train station (59 Regent Street). You really must go next time you’re in Cambridge.

What is the best coffee shop in your town?

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House & Home: Duvet covers for my next home


In a few months I’ll be moving to Sheffield. For me, a new home means an opportunity to have a big clear out and a chance to invest in a few new things. I think it’s important to make your rented property feel like a home, and for me that means refreshing or replacing old furniture and home-ware bits twice a year. Sometimes I stick with cheap and cheerful items and other times I’ll go for investment pieces.

This time ’round I’m keen to focus on whites and pastels throughout the home. I’m hopeful that we will move into an apartment and not a house. I’ve realised over the last year that I much prefer living in an apartment whilst I’m city based. It fits well with my current lifestyle. When I’m renting I like the place to be fresh, modern and safe – new apartment blocks usually fit in with this.

I’ve already taken a rag-bag to the charity shop which has included a few sets of bedding. I’ve had some cheap and cheerful duvet covers from Primark which were very pretty but obviously the quality wasn’t so good. They did the job for a year but it’s time for a change.

My plan is to invest in two good quality sets of bedding just before the move. Homebase have a fab selection of brands, including my all time favourite – Habitat. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go for two white sets from Habitat but I’m also tempted by the blue set. I’ll probably pick up a couple of season themed sets from Ikea to ensure I have a variety to alternate between.

So, my main focus is going to be white bedding with hints of pastel shades from pillows, cushions and sheets. I even fancy making my own cushion covers, it’s been a while but it’s something I used to enjoy doing.

I have some fantastic over-sized cushions which are handy for when you’re reading bed. These will go with the white/blue duvet sets so I wont be changing them. I’ll also be keeping my throws and toppers because they’re all good quality and classic colours, especially the ones I have for the winter months.

What’s the most you would spend on a duvet cover set?

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Wireless Festival – Pharrell and Kanye

photo 2

Last Thursday I headed to London with A for the Friday line-up at Wireless festival. This was my first time attending and I can safely say that I’m keen to go back next year. The festival is located in Finsbury Park, very handy for all you lucky Londoners. It was a welcomed change to stay in a hotel instead of a tent.

For some reason I didn’t take a lot of photos. For once I think I was quite happy relaxing with a big cup of cider in the warm sunshine. This was the first real break I’d had in a while and I was ready to fully cut off.

photo 1

The festival had three stages which were all in easy walking distance of one another. Some festivals have the stages set quite far apart which can be irritating if you want to catch a few sets on at the same time. Wireless always has a fantastic line-up. We saw Iggy Azalea, Tinnie Tempah, Foxes, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. I enjoyed going to a festival with a hip-hop focus for a change. That’s not something you get a lot of here in the UK.

photo 3

Tinnie Tempah gave his set everything. I knew it would be fun but I didn’t expect it to be quite that good. It was full of energy and he really got the crowd going. Pharrell’s set was also bloody brilliant, maybe even my favourite of the day. It was fun, up-beat and not only did he include his solo stuff but there were some top N.E.R.D tracks, Nelly’s Hot in Herre and Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl (which he produced). Most importantly the atmosphere was on form and it really left you feeling happy and excited for the night ahead.

photo 4

Kanye opened with Black Skinhead, one of my favourite tracks from Yeezus. He was wearing that creepy-ass mask but the lighting and stage looked awesome. I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that Kanye went on a little rant, it’s all people are banging on about. At first I was happy to listen (illuminati, amiright?), but after 15 minutes I must admit that it became draining. People booed and shouted up at the stage, poor sod. However, once it was out of his system the set was fantastic. It was full of energy, lighting perfection (of course) and I’d love to see him again. The setlist included over 20 songs, I think I forgive him for his rant..!

Let’s talk food for a moment. I didn’t expect much to be going on other than a few burger vans. Thankfully, I was wrong. There was a fantastic range of food trucks and stalls dotted around the festival. I spotted delicious hipster burgers, duck wraps, Indian wraps, Portuguese food, big plates of noodles and much more. I even spotted coconuts and fresh lemonade, you can’t really ask for much more.

One of the important things for me at festivals is the toilets. If the toilets aren’t looked after (I’m looking at you V Fest) then it really does ruin the experience. Wireless did a fantastic job at keeping things clean and under control.

My only tip for next year would be to leave the venue at the end and walk on to the next tube station. Don’t aim for the nearest because you will be in a queue for hours.

Have you ever been to Wireless festival?

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What I Wore and update: Mallow and Mint


Kate Spade Cobble Hill – Similar here | Mallow Pink Converse

Good morning! I hope you’re all having a good week. Today is just a little update and a quick snap of my favourite bag and shoes of this month.

My week has been quite productive so far. I’ve managed to cut down on a lot of clothes and go through the boxes in my office. I’ve had a few trips to the charity shop to drop off bags and spent the rest of my time at the gym or doing work (I’m working hard to try and secure another client). I’ve fallen off the track of having smoothies in the morning but I’ve still been eating fresh fruit, so it’s not all bad. Oh, on Tuesday I announced my latest business venture – Indiecana. I’ll do a separate post about that.

I’m now in Cambridge for a few days and hope to spend some time on this little blog. I also have a box of old university and college assignments to go through. I don’t think I’ll be keeping any of it though, there doesn’t seem much point. Do you keep old college work?

Over the last week I’ve been loving my new Kate Spade bag and pink Converse. I’m a huge fan of pastel colours and these two things are the perfect shades of mint and pink. They work well with white and blue dresses and I’m looking forward to showing you how I’ve been styling them.

Urggh! I can hear big drops of rain on my skylight so I don’t think I’ll be wearing my Converse today.

I think it’s time for me to make a coffee and focus on some work.

Let me know how you’ve been. What has been the highlight of the week so far?

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Hi, I'm Daisy and this is my little space on the internet. This is the place I record the different chapters of my life. It's where I write about business, beauty and baking. I can also be found sharing photos of my daily outfits, the food I eat and the treasures I find.

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