Career Inspiration: Rosie – Refuge Support Officer

Career Inspiration is a new series here on Prettygreentea. I’m spending my evenings interviewing and having a good old chat with inspirational and hard-working people from the blogging world. The aim of these interviews is to help those of you looking for career inspiration, a career change or an insight into what others do. Today’s interview is very interesting and a real eye-opener.

It’s very hard to know what you want to do in life and I’ve always loved finding out about what others do and the journey they took to get there. So, I hope you enjoy today’s interview with the dedicated and inspirational, Rosie a Refuge Support Officer at Bromley Women’s Aid.


Please tell us about your role.

My official title is “Refuge Support Officer” and I work for Bromley Women’s Aid. I am based in a refuge where I support women (and their children) fleeing domestic violence. My main role is to support the women in all aspects of their lives. I’m a one woman band!

What is a typical work day like?

Honestly, there is no typical day. Every day is so different and it’s partly why I love what I do so much. However here’s an insight to a day when there is a space at the refuge.

I get in to work for 9:30 and carry out health & safety checks to make sure the house is in good order for the women staying there. If there are any repairs it is my job to report them.

If there is a space in the refuge, I wait for a referral for a woman to come through. Once that is done, I call up the woman and ask if it’s safe for her to talk. If she is away from the perpertrator, I carry out a risk assessment which is a series of questions to determine her safety and her support needs. With that completed, I would have to make a decision on whether she is eligible for the space. If she is, I arrange a time to meet her near the refuge where I will go to meet her. During the time she is making her way to the meeting point, I ensure that her room is clean and tidy for her.

Once it’s time to go and get her, I rush off and bring her back to the house and help her with her immediate needs like food, clothing, medical attention. She is then shown around the house and allowed to settle in to her room.

By the afternoon it’s time for my support sessions. Whilst at the refuge, every week the women meet with me to ensure they are getting all the support that they need. This could be anything from help with income and budgeting or to assist them with housing or support with legal action.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

I like to think that i’m quite a strong person emotionally, however there will always be the odd person who’s story really hits me. Sometimes I greet women coming into refuge and they’re covered in cuts and bruises. It’s hard to hide the emotions that I feel towards the person who could do such a thing to the person they’re supposed to love.

The different dynamics in the house (refuge) can sometimes be difficult too as it’s shared living and I’m sure some of you know it’s not the easiest of living circumstances!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part is seeing these women grow. We use a number of different tools to show them the change in themselves and so that they are aware of how far they’ve come.

It’s one of the nicest feelings when they move out of refuge as a different woman – Strong, independant & empowered.

What did you study at university and why?

I studied Psychology with English studies.

In all honesty I wasn’t sure I even wanted to go to uni. I had always been a good student throughout school and college and came out with great grades, but the thought of further study just didn’t interest me. Perhaps I was going through some sort of rebellious stage, or it may have been the fact that I was under a lot of pressure to do well since neither of my sisters had gone on to uni. Eventually, on the last day of clearing I called up South Bank University and opted to study subjects that I had a real interest in, rather than thinking about where it would take me career wise. I chose Psychology because I find the human mind so fascinating and I wanted to learn more. I’ve always loved English and I decided to minor in it, just incase studying one subject got a bit too much for me.

After my degree I was still unsure about career prospects. I wasn’t ready to start working and with Psychology being such a broad subject, I decided to go on to study further to narrow things down. I ended up doing a Postgraduate diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy. I really enjoyed it and I knew I wanted to work in a role that required empathy.

How did you find yourself working as a Refuge Support Officer, was it always something you wanted to do?

After studying I took some more time out to volunteer. I volunteered for a charity that fought against forced marriages and then I went on to volunteer with Refuge, working on the national domestic violence helpline The experience was amazing and eye-opening. It was after this that I knew what direction I wanted my career to be headed in. I had never experienced domestic violence myself but the issue just resonated with me and I knew that I wanted to make a difference in someones life. I spoke to one of the leading ladies at Refuge about her career path and she told me she started off by working in a refuge. I hadn’t heard too much about them so I looked into it and applied to a few. Luckily I got the job pretty much straight away and I’ve been working here since!

What advice would you give to others wanting to work at a women’s refuge?

First of all – do it! It’s such an amazing job and you will learn so much, not only about the issues around DV but about yourself.

It’s hard work but the job satisfaction is so high and to think you could be saving someone’s life.

Do you think there’s enough awareness about the importance of services like women’s refuges?

No, not at all. It’s really unfortunate that Domestic Violence isn’t talked about as much as it needs to be. We need to be talking about healthy relationships from a young age so that when our children grow to be adults, they are fully aware of what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

I think there needs to be more awareness about refuges too. Firstly because for a women who is considering escaping her controlling partner, the biggest fear is usually where will I go? and how will I cope. If she knows there is help and support out there, it will make her decision a lot easier. Additionally, funding is being cut left right and centre, if more people knew about refuges and how much of a difference they make maybe we’d be able to fund and open more rather then shutting them down.

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing that I’m making a difference and potentially saving someone’s life. For the women in refuge, I want them to be able to move on from it and in 10 years time to look back and think, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am today.

What direction would you like to take your career in 2015?

I always get a mixed reaction when I say this but I would love to work with victims of Trafficking. It’s another issue which isn’t talked about much and the psychological effects are heart breaking. At this stage though, I’m not too sure where my career will be headed next but that’s ok, because things usually fall into place. One thing that is for sure is that I’d like to continue to work working front line because it’s so rewarding.

On a final note, I just want to say to those struggling with figuring out their career path that it’s ok to feel completely lost. Take some time out, volunteer & try new things and find something that really makes you feel something. You spend most of your life working and most of your week at work, do something that you enjoy and is a motivation in itself.

Thank you so much to Rosie for taking part in Career Inspiration, I wish you lots of luck for your career in 2015! I’m surrounded by people working within marketing and advertising so today’s interview was a real eye-opener for me, I hope you all enjoyed it too. You can find Rosie over on her blog, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

If you would like to take part in my Career Inspiration series then just drop me a message on Twitter. 

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Natural Soap Making Kit

I love trying new things so when Hobby Craft got in contact and asked me to pick a Christmas gift I had a browse and decided that this was my chance to finally try making soap. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and it ended up being a really fun evening in with Gadgetoid as we made soap, listened to Christmas songs and sipped on gin. I think one of these kits would be really fun to get as a Christmas present but only if you know someone would use it, some people just never get ’round to doing these things.

Making soap

Today I’m going to be taking you through my soap making journey.

Making soap

So, the kit comes with pre measured ingredients which makes things very easy for a first timer. In the kit there’s shea butter, sunflower oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), lemongrass essential oil, dried lavender flowers, a soap mould and disposable gloves. You will also need 250ml spring water, a mixing spoon and 3 large mixing bowls.

Making soap

The very first step is to line your soap mould with plastic. I used a shopping bags but a freezer bag or bin bag will do the trick. I also used a few extra tubs I had at home so I could make a few batches.

Then you need to grab your coconut oil, open it up and squeeze it into the mixing bowl.

Making soap

Open up the sunflower oil and add the into the coconut oil.

Making soap

Finally, add in the shea butter and pop it all in the microwave. I don’t have one so I used an oven safe mixing bowl and bobbed it in the oven. You need to heat up the mixture ’til it’s all melted – hot but not boiling or smoking.

Making soap

Whilst your mixture is heating up measure out 250ml of spring water.

Making soap

Put your gloves on (this is important because sodium hydroxide is very corrosive). Add the sodium hydroxide into the spring water whilst stirring gently until all the crystals have dissolved. Don’t be alarmed when you notice the mixture heating up, it’s pretty cool. It’s important to keep any pets/kids away at this stage because of the strong fumes – look after yourself too!

Making soap

Carefully remove the heated oils and gradually pour the sodium hydroxide into the oils whilst stirring for 10 minutes. After this leave the mixture to sit for 5 minutes and then start stirring again for 10 minutes, rest for 5 and repeat.

Making soap

Once the mixture is thick and resembles custard you should then check for ‘trace’. This means you need to pour the mixture off the spoon and see if it leaves an outline on top of the soap mixture.

Making soap

Now it’s time to add the herbs and essential oils.

Making soap - final stages

Give it all a real good mix.

Making soap blog post

Once you’ve done that pour it into the soap mould, cover it up with a thick cloth and leave it somewhere cool to set overnight.

Making soap - final stages

The following morning it’s time to give the soap a prod and see if it’s ready. If it has set solid then you can lift the soap out of the mould using the plastic. Grab a sharp knife or a cutter and create your soap shapes. I used a knife and cut the soap into small, useable sizes. Remember that at this stage the soap is still corrosive.

I’m afraid you’re all going to have to wait for 2-3 weeks while the soap is left in a dry place to cure. Once it’s ready I will share photos of the finished soap. I’ll also tell you more about the other batches of soap – I added various spices and I’m hoping they come out well.

Have you ever tried making your own soap at home?

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Sheffield: Breakfast at Eten Cafe

Coffee Eten Sheffield

Breakfast at Eten Sheffield

Let’s talk about breakfast! I really enjoy going out for breakfast, I find that it’s a good way to start off the weekend and gives you a chance to relax or focus on some business planning. Since I moved to Sheffield I haven’t had the help of The Fry Up Inspector, so I’ve been left to my own detective skills to hunt for the best breakfast establishment in Sheffield.

I’ve not tried many places yet but one which has stood out to me over the last few months has been Eten cafe. It’s filled with mismatched furniture, darling teacups and local artwork. I’ve actually been there 4 times for breakfast since I moved to the city. Most of my visits have been during the working week and I’ve used the time to get started on work, plan out my day and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

I’ve had poached eggs twice and scrambled eggs…twice. The breakfast has been excellent every time. The poached eggs are runny, the toast is thick and the bacon is very good quality. They also do a mean espresso to kick you into action which I’ve had on most visits. If you prefer tea they also have a wide variety to pick from. I like the Wild Cherry and Moroccan Mint teas.

Eten fills up quickly with lots of friendly faces chatting away, enjoying good food and overall the atmosphere is lovely. You get the feeling that a lot of people are regulars in there which I think shows off how well Eten are doing.

They also host events such as yoga, knitting and even pop-up shops. Keep an eye on their Twitter page for the latest events.

Where do you go for Saturday morning brunch?

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Food and Drink: Flavrbox Review 2014


I hope you’re all having a good week! Tonight I’m here to talk to you about the Flavrbox. I reviewed one of these last year and the team got in contact again to see if I’d like another as a special Christmas treat,  thanks guys! Once again I enjoyed the box of goodies so much that I wanted to share it with you.

First off, what is the Flavrbox? Well it’s a monthly subscription service where you get a monthly or quarterly box of foodie treats. You have the choice of a regular or vegetarian box and the option of viewing the box beforehand if you wish. I’ve always found food hampers to make for a fun, useful and delicious Christmas or birthday treat.



This year the box was filled with tea, chocolate, marshmallows, wheat snacks, a voucher and gourmet salt. I’ve enjoyed everything in the box this month and I’m sure I’ll be buying another one during 2015.




Seggiano: Organic Chilli Brigantini – These were interesting little wheat flour snacks, nothing like I’d tasted before. To me these snacks are somewhere between crisps and breadsticks and they have a real kick of chilli to them which I liked. They go down very well (a little too well) with a big glass of crisp white wine.

Antonella and her husband, Moreno make these hand-rolled snacks in the hear of Maremma (Tuscany).




The London Marshmallow Company: The Kensington – I’d never tried a gourmet marshmallow before so this was a real treat. The flavour of The Kensington is french almond and sour cherry. Gadgetoid and I both loved these delicious pillowy marshmallows, they are full of flavour and tasted very luxurious.

The London Marshmallow Company started back in 2011 when Ross and Amy decided to make homemade marshmallows as Christmas presents. 


Gourmet Salt: Danish Oak Smoked Flakes - Ok, call me a bit of a hipster but I’m a real sucker for fancy salt. I actually blame it all on Flavrbox because last year I found this salt in my box and absolutely loved it. I’ve since tried various fancy salts and now Flavrbox has introduced me to another new brand.

This packet of chemical free and natural salt from Gourmet Salt is a lovely copper shade but the photo doesn’t really show it off too well. The salt has a smoky scent and so far I’ve tried it with my Sunday morning eggs and on salmon. It really added a salty and peppery kick to these dishes and I’m keen to using it more within cooking. I think items like this make for good gifts as they’re not something you would naturally go out and buy until you’ve tried them.

Gourmet Salt started out selling Pink Himalayan salt because of its health benefits. They quickly diversified into the wide variety of chemical free salts that you can see over on their site.



Hello Fresh voucher – I’ve not had chance to use this generous voucher yet but I’m really looking forward to it. Each week a box of recipes and fresh ingredients is delivered to you door and all that is left is for you to cook the meal. Both Gadgetoid and I work long days so the idea of having all the right ingredients for a delicious home cooked meal would save a lot of time walking to and from Waitrose.


 The Tea People: Choco Mint Rooibos – I haven’t tried a tea quite like this before. In the packet and whilst it’s brewing it has a strong scent of chocolate and peppermint, it really is lovely. When you sip the tea the peppermint, chocolate and rooibos are all fighting for attention and it’s really quite special. This may sound strange but the tea is both warming and refreshing at the same time due to the rooibos and peppermint. It’s perfect to have at the end of the evening. I’ve enjoyed drinking this tea black, it doesn’t need anything adding to it. I’ll be sure to repurchase it in the new year.

The Tea People: Desi Masala Chai – This is a premium Assam black tea which is blended with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. It smells wonderful within the packet and I could easily detect the cardamom and cinnamon. I love spices in everything so this tea was right up my street. I’ve enjoyed drinking this tea black but Gadgetoid prefers it with a dash of milk and sugar.

Tea People put 50% of their net profits towards educational development in Darjeeling. 



Paxton Chocolate: Orange & Earl Grey Giant Thin – I was very intrigued by this chocolate. I love thin chocolate, I think it’s why I like Easter Eggs so much. This was a large disc, about the size of my hand with a beautiful print upon it. The chocolate had a very strong taste of orange with a hint of early grey. I’d have liked the earl grey to be a little stronger but as I’m a big fan of orange this didn’t last long. I was very pleased to find this in my Flavrbox and it would make a unique gift birthday or Christmas gift.

Paxton Chocolate focus on creating an experience with their chocolate.

Overall I was very happy with this month’s Flavrbox. There were lots of new brands for me to try and many of the products were easily shared when friends visited. I’m going to get ’round to signing up for this as a quarterly treat in the new year. I’ve been pushing most of my spare money into Indiecana for a few months now, I deserve a little treat soon.

Have you ever tried a Flavrbox?

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Food: Christmas Spiced Truffles

Back in November John Lewis sent over a copy of COOK Edition, their quarterly food magazine (download it free in the App store). It was filled with lots of festive recipes such as Christmas Spiced Truffles, Classic Mincemeat, Christmas Pudding Ice Cream and much more. Actually, you can head over the website and have a browse. They encourage everyone to celebrate great food moments, something which I think is very important. A fresh batch of cookies or a good old roast is an easy way to get family and friends huddled around the kitchen table.

I love trying to cook or bake something new each week, I’ve done quite well with this through 2014. So, when John Lewis asked if I’d like to try making their Christmas Spiced Truffles I said yes, of course. They very kindly armed me with a voucher to stock up on baking goods and I cracked on with making, filming and photography the truffles over the weekend.

These truffles are very easy to make and as always, if there are any ingredients you don’t like then swap them out for something else. For example, if you’re not a fan of really dark chocolate then you could go for a lower percentage and the recipe will still work.

Ingredients for 50 truffles (half the recipe for a smaller batch) : 

- 300g Dark chocolate
- 300ml Whipping cream
- 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
- 1/2 tsp ground ginger
- 1/4 tsp mixed spice
- 1/4 tsp ground cardamom

I used one tsp of each of the spices because I really really love cinnamon and cardamom.


What you need

Make sure you’ve got everything you need. I went for Lactofree cream but you don’t need to do that. I also couldn’t find crushed cardamom so I used the pods and crushed them myself.


First up you need to line a square tin (or a rectangle Pyrex) with cling film. Leave it to one side and crack on with making the ganache.



Find yourself a good sharp knife and finely chop up the chocolate into tiny tiny pieces. Pop them into a bowl and leave them to one side.



Grab a pan and pour in the cream and spices.


Combine the mixture by whisking them together.


Place your pan on the heat and bring to the boil.


Remove the pan from the heat and carefully pour over the finely chopped chocolate.


Leave for a few minutes and then stir until smooth. If the mixture becomes too thick then add a little warmed cream or milk.


Pour the ganache into the tin (or Pyrex) and leave it to cool for an hour before bobbing into the fridge until set.


When the ganache has set you can take it out of the fridge and tip it onto a chopping board.
Cut into manageable little squares with a sharp knife.


You can decorate these however you like. I was going to use cocoa powder but made a last minute decision to try dried raspberries and an edible gold shimmer spray.

These truffles are ideal for a DIY gift or to take into the office as a festive treat!

Have you got into the festive baking spirit yet?


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Photography: The first frost


I shared this frosty little photo over on my Instagram page at the weekend and wanted to document it on my blog. Although I took it with my iPhone I was very pleased with the results. To me this photo stands out as the starting point to the festive season of 2014. I really enjoy this time of year for photography, especially crisp and frosty mornings. I like that the frost gives everything a clear outline. I find myself noticing the smallest details and although they’re always there it’s easy to miss them until the frost gives them a magical highlight. Maybe I just take a little more time to stop and notice these things during the winter months.

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Tea Review: Holiday Cheer from Adagio

A while back I reviewed a selection of teas from Adagio. This time I’m here to talk about a fantastic little set of festive teas (£10) they kindly sent over to me. The tins are packaged beautifully and you can pick to have loose tea or bags inside them, I went for loose tea. All the teas are perfect for the cold winter months so they would make for a good Christmas gift or if you have a few stockings to fill then split the tins up.

Under each photo I’ve shared my thoughts about each tea and how to enjoy them.

Adagio Holiday Cheer

Adagio Gingerbread tea

The first tea I tried from the set was Gingerbread. It’s a dark and spicy tea with notes of cinnamon and orange. I found that it tastes best with a dash of warmed milk. You have to be careful not to over brew the tea, try 3 minutes.

This wasn’t one of my favourite teas from the set, I thought it could have done with more spices but I till enjoyed it. Phil really liked this tea and added warm milk and honey to it.

Adagio Candy cane tea

The second tea from the set was Candy Cane and includes real cane pieces. This was the one I was most intrigued by, I adore peppermint all year ’round but especially during the festive season. The tea gives off a sweet scent and has a very smooth taste with a good old kick of peppermint. This tea should be brewed for around 3-4 minutes.

This tea turned out to be one of my favourites.

Adagio Chestnut

Here we have the Chestnut tea. The other day I came home from the gym, jumped in the shower and settled down with my notebook and a cup of Chestnut tea. This tea wasn’t like any I’d tried before and one cup quickly turned into 3. I love hot chestnuts (with a glass of red on the side) and this tea tastes very much like them. The scent of it is a mix of nut and chocolate. It’s warming, silky, nutty and has a very sweet kick to it.

Don’t brew this tea for too long, it can become a little smokey. I found 2-3 minutes worked best.

Adagio Cranberry tea

The Cranberry tea was next on my list. It’s was sweet and fruity, not at all tangy which I was originally expecting. I found that there were strong notes of raspberry, maybe more so than cranberry. Both Phil and I enjoyed drinking the tea black and have nearly finished up the whole tin.

I suggest you brew this tea for 3-4 minutes to get the full flavours.

Adagio Pumpkin tea

The Pumpkin Spice tea was the one I was most excited to try and it didn’t disappoint. As you pop the lid off you’re hit with a strong spicy scent. There is a light taste of pumpkin among other spices such as cardamom (my favourite), cloves and ginger. Leave the tea to brew for around 4-5 minutes.

This was another personal favourite from the set.

Adagio Candy apple

The Candy Apple tea has a strong scent of sweet apple. However once brewed it isn’t overly sweet which I was pleased about. I’ve been drinking it as I type up this post and I’m feeling very warm and cosy. The tea has a warm and spicy taste, almost like mulled cider.

I recommend brewing this tea for around 4 minutes.

Adagio Teas

 How do the teas sound to you? Would you like to find this set under the tree?

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House & Home: Ikea Winter Picks

Ikea Winter pick 2014

Besoka – tray  |   Kastrull – saucepan  |  Vintermys – birdhouse decoration

Fullfolja – scissors  |  Arkelstorp – coffee table  |  Fnitter – wall clock

My Ikea Spring and Summer picks went down pretty well so I thought I’d share some of my favourite winter and festive items that they’ve currently got in stock. Hopefully this post will give you some home decor inspiration or even ideas for Christmas gifts. My personal favourites are the festive tray, birdhouse decorations and the coffee table but I really do like everything that I’ve shared with you today. I’m trying to avoid buying larger pieces of furniture ’til I’ve found a flat/house which I know I’ll stay in for a while.

Which is your favourite item?

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Smallbiz: Rock Pamper Scissors – A new way to book salon appointments online

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.09.13

Today I’m here to share an up and coming website which I think is pretty cool, Rock Pamper Scissors. It’s a new and easy way to book hair and beauty salon appointments online.

Over the last few years I’ve been moving around a lot which means that I’m always on the look out for a new hairdresser. I often put off getting my hair done because I simply don’t know where to start when picking one in a new city. I haven’t had my hair done since I last moved house (shhh!). I’m also the type of person who leaves it very last minute to book any type of treatment. I tend to wake up and realise it’s time to get my hair sorted and start calling around different hair salons so I think Rock Pamper Scissors is going to be very useful for me.

It’s important to note that the website is still very new. Rock Pamper Scissors started off in good old Leeds, makes a change to have cool things happening up north than just in London. The second city they’re trying to capture is Manchester, the city I lived in for 5 years. So, you can see the current salons for Leeds on the website and the list for Manchester is in the process of being populated.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 21.35.19

Rock Pamper Scissors makes it very easy for you to simply pick the treatment you’re looking for such as hair, make-up or nails and then select your location. You’re then presented with all the local services in the area that have signed up. You can even narrow your search down by price and distance which is very handy. I think it’s going to be very useful and I look forward to more companies getting involved and listing their services and locations.

After browsing the list of salons you hit ‘book now’ and you will then be presented with available stylists and nail technicians, including photos and prices. I don’t know about you, but I like to be able to put a face to a name when I’m going for a treatment. I think this is a nice personal touch to the website.

At the end of the month I’m going to Manchester for the day to see my friend and thought that I would test out Rock Pamper Scissors and see if I can make the most of my trip.

There’s a section on the site for salons to get themselves listed. I know I’ll be spreading the word and I would love to see companies getting involved and helping to populate the website. I can see Rock Pamper Scissors working really well as an app.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that I’ve worked in collaboration with Rock Pamper Scissors for this post. Wait, don’t go anywhere! You all know I love to support small businesses and this is what I’m doing with Rock Pamper Scissors, I truly believe that this website has got very good potential.

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Life: An hour for me


Every now and then you need to stop. You need to take some time for yourself, away from the laptop and phone and just be. I’ve mentioned before how hard I find this, my work is a big part of my life. However, I have a tendency of taking on a little too much a few times throughout the year and as I haven’t had a proper break it’s starting to get to me. I find that getting away for a week can give you a fresh burst of energy and inspiration. I’m going to ensure that I factor in some time to travel into 2015.

This afternoon I made a big bowl of tomato soup and took an hour out of the day to just do nothing. Well, I was listening to a vlog but at least it wasn’t a business one!

I’m talking about taking time to rest and relax and yet I’m sitting in bed writing a blog post. Will I ever learn?

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Hi, I'm Daisy and this is my little space on the internet. This is the place I record the different chapters of my life. It's where I write about business, beauty and baking. I can also be found sharing photos of my daily outfits, the food I eat and the treasures I find.

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